Evan Peters listened to Dr. Dog’s song and prepared for the excellent “East Side Mare” bar scene

A few weeks have passed since the shocking ending of HBO’s popular detective drama “East City Mare”, giving viewers time to deal with the series and reflect on its climax.

There is no doubt that the moment that every fan of the show will remember is the scene where detective Colin Zabel got off work after reuniting in high school and was hit, and confided to Marley at a local bar. His brotherly fragility is portrayed so professionally that you have to take a step back and marvel at how actor Evan Peters did it without being really drunk.

But here, Zabel explained to Mare that he was dumped by his ex-fiance two weeks before the wedding, and he has been living an empty life ever since. There are too many beautiful touch-ups to cover all of them, but Zabel called the bartender a “bar man” (and immediately apologized for that) and called Mare a “lady”. This was the perfect moment for him to try to flirt with her for the first time.

In the background of the clip, you can hear “Mr. Brightside” of the killer band playing in the bar. There is no doubt that this is the correct and most realistic choice at the moment, but it turns out that Peters prepared for this scene by listening to Philadelphia’s own defining repertoire of Doctor Dog.

In the interview Vanity Fair, Peters explained how he got into the right mindset by playing “Where’d All the Time Go” from the band’s 2010 album “Shame, Shame”.

Peters said of the song: “The feeling of being in a long-term relationship, but it ended badly.”

Interestingly, this song has been enjoying the second wave recently because Part of the TikTok trend Among them, users posted childhood photos, which became their adult selves.

Peters also said that he listened to John Meyer’s “Shin Kong.”

The Vanity Fair article delved into Peters’ fear of the outcome of the scene, and he thought he was bombed on the morning of filming. This is an important moment for director Craig Zobel to reshape the role of Colin Zabel, who was initially portrayed as a more arrogant figure under the leadership of former director Gavin O’Connor. Zobel took over as the director after the show has started production. He believes that the series needs a more complicated arc to guide Zabel towards his tragic fate.

As for the secret of Peters’ success on the scene, he said he took pictures of apple cider vinegar.

“It has a very sour, weird taste,” Peters said. “But if you drink enough, it will start to taste delicious.”

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