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Williamson urges students and their families to continue to be tested regularly for the new coronavirus

The Minister of Education has urged students and their families to continue regular coronavirus testing.

Gavin Williamson encourages middle school students and parents to test at home twice a week to help “break the chain of transmission.” Previously, due to a series of concerns, scholars called for the suspension of daily Covid-19 testing in schools.

In an open letter to parents in schools and universities in England, Mr. Williamson said: “With the worrying increase in variant cases, continue to be tested regularly to detect coronavirus cases, stay ahead of the virus and keep Covid out of the classroom.

“This means that routine asymptomatic testing for everyone will continue. We need you and your children in middle school or university to be tested at home twice a week. As you know, testing plays an important role in our work. Important role. Dealing with the virus. It helps break the chain of transmission by quickly identifying asymptomatic positive cases.

“This means that those who have tested positive can self-isolate and allow other students and students to receive face-to-face education. Reporting all test results, whether positive or negative, helps health professionals get a clearer picture of any potential outbreaks in different regions country.”

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