After strong opposition from the fans, Tottenham Hotspur replaced Gattuso off the field, Benitez moved to Everton, Glarish moved to the latest news, Ramos left Real Madrid

According to reports, Chelsea are paying attention to the transfers of Ellyn Harland and Jude Bellingham-but they will not appear at the same time this summer.

According to reports, the Blues have reached personal terms with the Dortmund star-and believe that a deal with Dortmund will enable them to further acquire English midfielder Bellingham.

We also have the latest news about Jack Greerich’s future, as well as the latest news from Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Shocking reports indicate that Rafa Benitez is about to become Everton’s boss, while Sergio Ramos has left Real Madrid after 16 years at the club.

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Follow all the latest news and updates below…

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