What is the best Father’s Day gift?Urge your father to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Father’s Day is an occasion to express love and gratitude to men who play an important role in the lives of others. As a father and grandfather, I look forward to sharing a family dinner with my two sons and grandsons, as well as my wife and daughter-in-law.

As an advocate for men’s health, the holidays allowed me to reflect on the connection between my father and health and ask a question: Is my father good for our health?

June is Men’s Health Month. Supporters have traditionally used Father’s Day as an opportunity to emphasize that men need to take better care of themselves and take advantage of men’s high awareness of longevity when they are with their families.

Although I applaud these efforts and contribute in my own way, men still have a long way to go. In addition to traditional recognition, Father’s Day certainly represents a call to action for men, but it may also be the same for family and friends who care about the fate of the man they love.

In situations where support and encouragement are needed, the father provides a family constituency for men, and children are very suitable to provide such inspiration.

Men’s health: a thought-provoking story

In a thought-provoking article in 2019, Harvard Medical School According to reports, men die earlier than women and bear more disease burden in their lifetime. Compared with women, they get sick at a younger age and suffer from more chronic diseases.

Although women see a doctor more frequently than men, men over 65 have a much higher cost of medical care. Combining these facts with men’s disproportionately high mortality rate due to COVID-19 (mainly affected by their underlying health conditions) and calls for behavior change are rising.

Father’s positive and negative

Although studies have shown that being a father has some physical disadvantages, the same and other studies provide a strong positive view of fatherhood and male health prospects, especially as a source of motivation.

according to University of California Berkeley, New research shows that when facing challenges, having a sense of mission will make fathers healthier, happier, and stronger. When looking at the role of the father, Family Research Institute It shows that the married and resident fathers involved are found to be healthier than other men and live longer due to reduced risky behaviors.This Journal of Men’s Health and Gender According to the report, fathers who have lost custody have been found to be at greater risk of chronic diseases, mental disorders and death.

The downside is, Marriage and Family Magazine Reported a study that found that becoming a father leads to weight gain and a decrease in self-reported health, but reduces alcohol consumption. According to this study, the transition to a father can lead to positive and negative changes in health outcomes and behavior.

The influence of equal common parents and fathers

The evolution of the father’s role and deeper parental involvement represent a trend, which indicates that the father’s healthy behavior is a good sign.

This University of Texas In the past few decades, father’s participation has increased dramatically. At the same time, father’s role in the family has evolved from the concept of father as a long-distance breadwinner to a more comprehensive recognition that they are equal co-parents.

When describing the changes in the role of the father, American Psychological Association According to the report, the influence of father’s love on children’s development is as great as that of mother’s love. Fatherly love helps children establish their sense of place in the world, which helps their social, emotional and cognitive development and function. In addition, children who get more love from their fathers are less likely to struggle with behavioral or substance abuse problems.

according to Franklin Pediatric Association of Tennessee, The father plays a role in each child’s life that no one else can fill. This role can have a big impact on a child and help him or her shape the person they become.

Reported research National Responsible Father Information Clearing House A study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showed that children with healthy and active fathers perform better in school, are more likely to graduate from high school and have more friends. They are also less likely to experience psychological problems, and are less likely to smoke, abuse drugs or alcohol, engage in dangerous behaviors, have premature sex, or become teenage parents.

A simple game plan

The basic principle is quite simple. Their key is action.Here is one Simple game plan Dr. Biren Saraiya from the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine of Rutgers University, Anyone can follow, and loved ones can encourage.

Accept regular inspections. Routine physical examinations are taking the right steps to improve his chances of living a longer and healthier life. Participate in screening, including colonoscopy and prostate cancer screening. Pay attention to heart health. Stay physically active and maintain a healthy diet. Look for ways to manage stress, such as exercise, meditation, and time management.

The gift of a lifetime

Research shows that paternity provides an important win-win proposition for fathers and extends to their children. Although not absolute and without some shortcomings, the father seems to give men the opportunity to take advantage of the emotional drive generated by parental responsibility. The most fundamental thing is for their children and to maintain sufficient health to meet their needs. Sadly, this opportunity is often not used.

One big difference this year is that COVID-19 highlights the vulnerability of men and reveals the consequences of unhealthy behaviors in a more direct way. Perhaps this increased background will make 2021 different. It depends on the father and the people who love them.

Let this Father’s Day be the beginning of your new path to health and happiness. And, for those who love a man, give him the gift of health by encouraging him to devote himself to these simple steps and use your persuasive power. It is no exaggeration to say that this is really the gift of a lifetime.

Louis Bezich, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Cooper University Healthcare is “Cracking the code: 10 verified secrets that can inspire healthy behavior and satisfaction in men over 50. ”Read more from Louis about his website.

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