U.S. Heatwave 2021 Live

Heat waves increase the risk of wildfires

The California Bay Area’s NWS tweeted: “The first real high temperature event in 2021 will affect the Bay Area from Wednesday to Friday. Dangerous and close to record high temperatures are possible. High temperature effects will mainly occur inland.”

Palmdale, California, broke the 1966 record of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, reaching 107 degrees.

The temperature in Death Valley could reach 123 degrees Fahrenheit by Wednesday-only 10 degrees below the historical record of 134 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in 1913. National Park Service.

The National Weather Service warned: “In the coming days, California, the western mountains, the Southwest Desert, the Rocky Mountains and the Central/Northern Plains may set dozens (possibly hundreds) of daily high and low temperature records.”

High temperatures increase the risk of wildfires.

The prolonged high temperature is called the thermal dome. They form when large areas of intense heat are trapped under the high-pressure dome.

The larger the heat dome, the longer the heat wave lasts.

On Sunday, the temperature in Tucson and Safford, Arizona Soaring to 112F and 113F.

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