The West is isolating China-Canada can reap the rewards

For most of the past week, the Chinese Communist Party has been ranting angrily because one after another international diplomatic summit has witnessed world leaders unite to control the situation. Its spokesperson complained that it had been subjected to a “malicious attack” and that the “malicious attack” had a “malicious image”.

But the CCP can do little to reverse the trend of its apparent opposition.

Xi Jinping’s “Vision 2035” has shown the way for China to achieve world leadership in the next 14 years. This road now looks more rugged-largely due to the united efforts of US President Joe Biden.

Biden, with his characteristic amiable temperament and his deliberate efforts to expand the “Western” alliance to non-Western countries, has begun to eliminate the damage his predecessors have caused to the principle of unity of democracies in front of authoritarian regimes.

Popular songs keep emerging

The Chinese government spokesperson quickly refuted the meaninglessness of the G7 meeting that started this week. A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said: “Gone are the days when global decisions were made by a few countries.”

But here is the CCP’s problem: the group of nations opposed to China’s hegemony is not small, and it is growing.

First of all, the G7 summit reached an imperfect but still important consensus among the governments of North America, Europe, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea. China as a whole needs to be confronted.

NATO has essentially rewritten its doctrine, making China a strategic opponent, and working hard to prevent the spread of CCP-style totalitarianism.

More importantly, NATO has promised to establish new alliances in Asia, Africa and Latin America. China has been dealing with governments that are short of funds this century.

Biden Channel Gettysburg Address

Just as Abraham Lincoln described the struggle of his time as a test of whether any democratic country “can endure with such a vision and focus for a long time,” Biden described the conflict with ideology.

“I predict to you,” he said at the White House press conference on March 25, “your children or grandchildren will do their doctoral dissertations on the question of who succeeds, autocracy or democracy. Because that’s the most important thing. “

As he said at the G7 meeting, Biden’s “competition with the dictator” clearly unites allies more effectively than Donald Trump’s anti-China rhetoric, which is based on rude nationalism and the most unacceptable ugly racism. .

For Biden, autocracy has a face—Xi Jinping’s face. “He doesn’t have the bones of democracy in him… He believes autocracy is the trend of the future, and democracy cannot work in an increasingly complex world.

“Their overall goal is to become the world’s leading country, the richest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world. This will not happen during my tenure.”

After the G7 summit in St Ives, Cornwall, England, on Sunday, June 13, 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered a question at a press conference at Tregenna Castle . (Adrian Wilder/Canada Press)

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suddenly said something astonishing when he left the G7 for NATO, saying that he was indifferent to the prospect of the Chinese Communist Party becoming the hegemon of the world.

“As long as China is an authoritarian one-party state, is its goal not to become the world’s number one power?” Trudeau was asked at the closing press conference in Cornwall, England.

“No,” he answered. “The goal of G7 has always been not only the success of our country and economy, but also the success of the global economy.”

Repeated this question. Trudeau once again expressed his opposition, saying that the goal should be to promote “giving everyone around the world a chance to realize their potential.”

Transfer message

However, most other democratic leaders seem to fully support the United States’ goal of ensuring that democracies will not cede global dominance to China.

In NATO, Trudeau also sang on the same pro-democracy playlist the next morning when he expressed his indifference to the hegemony of the Chinese Communist Party. His closing communiqué in Brussels said, “During the meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau reaffirmed Canada’s firm commitment to NATO and alliance values, including personal freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

On Sunday, August 16, 2020, when people gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia, for a rally in support of Hong Kong’s democracy, a person held up a sign that read Michael Cummingkay and Michael Cumberland, who have been detained in China since December 2018. Photo by Spavor. (Darryl Dyke/Canada Press)

This conflicting information illustrates how the Trudeau government still responds to the challenges posed by China.

Since 2016, when it Negotiations with the Chinese government on extradition issues From Canada to the trial in China, the CCP has brought painful lessons to the Trudeau government in reality.

A Liberal government that was negotiating to voluntarily hand over personnel to China five years ago is now busy driving out two people-Michael Cumming Kai and Michael Spavor.

In any case, the CCP disapproved of Trudeau’s statement and accused him of “smearing” China.

For the CCP, one of the most worrying aspects this week is that it is not only diplomatic and even military alliances, but also economic alliances.

US President Joe Biden has stated that he wants to prevent China from gaining economic control over new commercial technologies such as electric vehicles. (Jens Schlut/Getty Images)

As early as February, President Biden expressed his determination End the U.S.’s dependence on China As a source of strategic materials.

These include rare earth minerals-80% of which the United States currently imports from China-used to make everything from engines and turbines to medical equipment.

Biden also said that electric cars and the batteries that power them are what he believes are 21st century technologies. Not going to let China dominate. His government has Ended the trade dispute Cooperate with Korean battery manufacturers as it seeks to support non-Chinese players.

China’s losses, Canada’s gains

The US government is also negotiating to fund a cobalt mine in the Northwest through the Export-Import Bank of the United States for use in battery cathodes. Canadian graphite is being promoted for battery anodes.Canadian companies interested in entering the electric vehicle business can apply for U.S. government funding-this move Clearly aim to surpass China.

In Brussels on Tuesday, European Commission President Ursula von der Lein told Trudeau at the end of the Canada-EU summit that her trade group, the world’s largest trade group after the United States, is also seeking Replace Chinese raw materials with Canadian raw materials.

“As Europeans, we want to diversify imports from manufacturers like China, because we want more sustainability, we want less environmental damage, and we want transparency in labor conditions,” she said. When referring to the allegations of forced labor in China, he said.


Hong Haofeng of Johns Hopkins University said that establishing something like a global alliance to restrain China is bad news for the CCP—because China has nothing to compare with Western alliances, and there is little hope of establishing an alliance.

“China’s allies,” Hong said, “are countries that have no choice but to rely on China, the Chinese market, and the financial system. They are countries sanctioned by the United States and Western alliances, such as Russia, Iran, and Iran. North Korea.

“So they need China’s financial strength, market and resources to alleviate the negative impact of Western sanctions. They have no choice. They must stick to China. But at the same time, this is not necessarily the kind of alliance based on values.”

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin shook hands when they arrived at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16, 2021 for the US-Russia summit. (Saul Loeb/Reuters)

An ally like this is not difficult to pry apart. Therefore, Biden met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Geneva and completed his triple summit, allowing him to see an alternative to the role that Russia hardly likes-the junior of the anti-democratic coalition led by China. partner.

Biden exaggerated his Russian opponent in remarks designed to evoke Russian pride, calling him a “valuable opponent.”

The CCP has reasons to worry that if the tension between Russia and the West can be eased, a new Sino-Soviet split may occur soon.

There is no doubt that the CCP is still the most powerful political entity in the world. Its card members exceed two to one of the total population of Canada, and it exercises profound control over one-fifth of the world’s population. It also has a strong nuclear arsenal.

But at the end of the week’s summit, it also looked lonelier than it has been for a long time.

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