Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek faces U.S. lawsuit over allegations of exploitation

An international law firm filed a lawsuit in the United States against Montreal-based company MindGeek, alleging sexual exploitation videos on its website Pornhub.

Brown Rudnick LLP stated that this lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, representing 30 victims of child pornography, rape and human trafficking, and the lawsuit claims that these victims were used on Pornhub’s website.

The company is seeking compensation for the impact of the exploitation on the alleged victims and is asking for a policy to ensure that only mutually agreed videos can be uploaded to the site.

None of the claims in the lawsuit have been confirmed in court.

Rudnick Brown issued a statement saying: “In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Pornhub and MindGeek deliberately removed from portraying rape, child sexual exploitation, revenge pornography, human trafficking, and other unconsensual sex. Profit from the content of the video. LLP reads.

“Brown Rudnick is seeking compensation for the damage caused to these victims by this exploitation. [and] Protect them and thousands of other victims from further exploitation. “

In a statement, Pornhub said it was reviewing the lawsuit, but added that it has now taken strict measures, including prohibiting uploads by unverified users.

It said it will take all complaints seriously, including Brown Rudnick LLP’s lawsuit.

The company “has zero tolerance for illegal content and investigates any complaints or allegations made against content on our platform,” the statement read.

Canadian survey

MindGeek is also being investigated by the Canadian Federal Privacy Regulatory Agency.

The privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said his office was investigating the company after hearing the testimony of the women. They said Pornhub had rejected their request to delete the video.

According to the company, Pornhub attracts 170 million visitors every day, including 4 million Canadians, and has an annual revenue of US$460 million.

It often ranks among the dozen most visited websites in the world, ahead of Netflix and Zoom.

More than 100 victims and other lawmakers also called for a full criminal investigation of MindGeek, claiming that Pornhub frequently shares child pornography and sexual assault videos and content that was filmed or posted without the subject’s consent.

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