Kim Kardashian admitted that she “experienced” the wedding to former Chris Humphries because of the $10 million wedding that was filmed for the show

Kim Kardashian admitted that she “experienced” the wedding to her predecessor Chris Humphries because the production “spent all their production funds” on the show.

The star who is traveling with the Kardashian sisters publicized her past indiscretions in the reunion series on Thursday.


In an interview with Andy Cohen’s family, 40-year-old Kim recalled her marriage to 36-year-old Chris. She said that she had “cold feet” before the ceremony.

“We are shooting this for a TV show. If I leave, I will always be called the runaway bride. This will be a huge joke. I think I just got cold feet,” she recalled.

“I thought,’Well, guys, it’s just cold feet. I understand. It’s cold feet. We are shooting a show.’ You know, this show obviously paid us for filming the show.

“I took all my expenses, possibly Kris’s, because I wanted a bigger wedding than they paid. I spent all our production costs on the wedding,” the TV star admitted Tao.

“So if it’s fake, I’ll save money.”

Later, Andy asked her if she “partially attended the wedding because of the show”, and she replied: “Yes. I would say it was because I was stressed. I think I will disappoint everyone.”

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