Britney Spears “don’t know” whether she will perform again two years after the last concert, but “happy now”

Britney Spears revealed that she “don’t know” whether she will perform again two years after the last concert.

Despite the upcoming regulatory court hearing with her father Jamie, the pop star has recently maintained a positive outlook.


Britney talks about her future in actingCredit: Britney Spears/instagram

Britney, 39, taken Instagram Today I will share information about the future of her acting career with her fans.

The singer repeated a follower’s question. He said: “The question is will I be on stage again?

“I don’t know. I’m having fun now, I’m in a transitional period in my life, I enjoy myself. That’s it,” she revealed.

The pop princess captioned her video: “As @????? Best said…let the girl go! ! ! ! It’s time to answer your more questions !”

Her last concert was two years ago


Her last concert was two years agoCredit: Getty


Britney “don’t know” whether she will perform againCredit: Britney Spears/instagram

Britney has Compete with her father for her custody, Because her fans have been worried about her happiness.

Despite public concerns, she continued to share videos of her dance moves and wearing her iconic revealing costume.

On Friday, the musician shared a crazy video on Instagram, dancing in a neon pink catsuit.

In the clip, Britney shows a secret neck tattoo She is said to have been hiding for many years.

Britney danced in a pink catsuit


Britney danced in a pink catsuitCredit: Instagram/Britney Spears
She shows a secret tattoo


She shows a secret tattooCredit: Instagram/Britney Spears

The mother of two children wrote next to the video: “Pink makes my tan pop!!! Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before??? language!!!!

“It says Mem Hey Shin, which means cure!!! This is my favorite tattoo, but ironically you have never seen it!!!”

After acknowledging her neck ink, Britney shared a strange video of her dancing in a leopard catsuit with black underwear underneath.

However, the Toxic singer turned the clip upside down, as she had previously posted, to convince fans that she was sending a message.

Britney posted a video of wearing a leopard-print catsuit


Britney posted a video of wearing a leopard-print catsuitCredit: Instagram
She plays the clip in reverse


She plays the clip in reverseCredit: Instagram

Someone asked: “What’s the matter with the retrograde theme?” And the second wanted to know: “First of all Hebrew, now it is this. What girl do you want to tell us?

Britney will speak for the first time ever At a court hearing on June 23, her lawyer Sam Ingham III sought permission from Judge Brenda Penny to give Britney a chance to speak.

The lawyer told the judge: “The supervised person has asked me to seek an identity hearing in the court so that she can speak directly to the court.

“My client requested expedited completion.”

Britney will speak in court for the first time


Britney will speak in court for the first timeCredit: Agence France-Presse
She demanded an end to her father's custody


She demanded an end to her father’s custodyCredit: see title

In April, the circus singer asked the judge Permanently ending her father’s control Over her wealth and personal life of 60 million US dollars.

Her lawyer asked Jody Montgomery to replace Jamie as the permanent protector, and Asked her estranged father to resign from his post.

Although inside sources claim that her life will “It will be completely better” Without her father’s guidance, his lawyer previously claimed Protection “saved” the singer’s life.

Fans started the Free Britney Spears movement and have been fighting for her freedom for many years.

Many people in Frame Britney Spears A documentary about the star’s legal struggle.

Britney Spears shows off her secret tattoo on her neck in a neon pink swimsuit, then dances in a leopard catsuit

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