With a 48% increase in the number of hospitalizations in the UK and 9,055 new cases, the NHS trusts to “prepare” for the third wave

The government will allow foreign holidays from July 19, predicting the boss of RYANAIR

The boss of Ryanair predicts that the British will fly abroad for holidays before July 19.

Michael O’Leary believes that the government will relax restrictions on travel to popular European holiday destinations before school holidays.

He told The Sun: “We think they will not be able to extend [the restrictions] More than July 19 or 21, there are two reasons.

“First of all, the school holidays will begin, and I think people will only travel to Portugal and Spain by then, ignoring these restrictions.

“Secondly, we believe they will say yes, we can no longer control it, we have extended what we said-by then they will lift the restrictions, at least for passengers who are vaccinated for short trips.

“Because for a populist government like Boris Johnson, the difficulty is that if it is postponed beyond the third week of July, it will interfere with many people’s holidays. And he doesn’t like to annoy others.”

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