What are they talking about: The Hawks’ QB (past and present) ranks worst in the NFL, accounting for almost half of all pitches

We have reached the slowest part of the NFL schedule, and as the 76ers (and the NBA as a whole) keep us busy, it’s fine for the time being. But this does not mean that there is no NFL content worth discussing.

After all, this is a 12-month league, even if only five of the games were played.

There are still more than a month before the team returns to the NovaCare Complex to participate in the training camp. From now to the beginning of the season, there are still many questions to be answered, especially the loss of all the Eagles’ staff, coaching staff, and even the front desk (despite The main players still exist).

Let’s not waste time anymore. This is their evaluation of the Hawks this week…

Throw fit

Doug Faral | Ground wire

Yes Yes. we know. Carson Wentz is gone, we should all move on. We will, but this story from Doug Farrar (the worst NFL QB in every type of throw) must have caught our attention on Wednesday morning (h/t Bleeding Green Nation). It is based on the game last season, when Wentz was still on the Hawks. In this case, it is relevant.

But this is also related to another reason: because although Jalen Hurts does not rank first in Farrar’s 16 categories, three have “average eagle quarterbacks”, which means that the duo are pitching in their respective teams. Shanghai proved to be the worst quarterback. In addition to these three, there are three separate mentions of Wentz, which means that last year, the Hawks quarterback was the worst in 6 of 16 shots, which is not very good, but when you not only Passing statistics, and surely following the test when passing the eyes.

The situation got worse because the Hawks found that some of their categories were the easiest to make pitches. In addition to the worst “No Blitz”, the Eagles QB is also the worst in the following two categories.

No pressure: the eagle quarterback is average

Moreover, we are with these guys again. When Wentz and Hurts struggled without shock, they also performed poorly without pressure. From a clean pocket, Wentz completed 194 of 295 passes, scoring 2,053 yards, 1,244 yards, 12 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 85.3. In the absence of pressure, Hertz scored 85.1, completed 56 of 93 passes, passing 692 yards, 324 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 drafts. Passer ratings in the ’85s sound like a good deal, but when you consider that last season’s 21 starting quarterbacks had a pass rating of over 100, there is no pressure, which is not appropriate. Dwayne Haskins had the worst pass score without pressure, at 78.5, and Wentz ranked second.

In the pocket: Hawks quarterback average

Yes, we know. The “Eagle quarterback average” has done a lot of work here. When in the pocket, neither Wentz nor Hurts succeeded on a consistent basis. Wentz completed 216 of 368 passes with a passing distance of 2,266 yards, 1,351 yards, 12 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and a passer rating of 76.2. Hurts’ 79.9 pass score came from 63 of 106 attempts with 780 yards, 395 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. The difference in 2020 is that Hurts is somewhat effective outside the pocket (42 attempts with a pass rating of 71.6), while Wentz… is not (69 attempts with a pass rating of 54.9). [touchdownwire.usatoday.com]

As for Wentz personally, he ranked the worst in terms of “zero/one step drop”, “no pre-shooting action” and “game action”. This is terrible, but as we said at the top, he is no longer a problem for Eagles fans, so we won’t delve into Wentz’s struggles in 2020, which is well documented.

However, this does not bode well for Hertz. He is likely to prove that he can be a future starter in the 2021 season. Otherwise, whether through a trade or the 2022 draft, the Birdies may be looking for newcomers.

Let’s make a deal

Ruben Frank | NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Hawks recently re-signed close end Richard Rogers, and he actually had a good season for the Birds in 2020, even though the rest of the offense around him is shaky. Between now and the start of this season, Zach Etz may leave town at some point, the Hawks need some tight depth, and Rogers certainly has the ability to provide that.

More importantly, the Eagles seem to give him a discount. According to Ruben Frank of NBC Sports, for beginners, his one-year contract is considered a veteran salary and benefits contract. These types of deals are designed to incentivize teams to sign veterans rather than cheaper young players because they want to avoid paying more. This means that although his transaction value is reported to be US$1.027 million, it actually only counts towards the upper limit of US$887,500. This makes the 29-year-old player worth far less than his value indicated by his 2020 works…

Although the rest of the Hawks’ offense was dilapidated in 2020, Rogers’ season has rebounded. In 2018 and 2019 against the Eagles, he played only 8 games, and 1 catch for 7 yards. But in 2020, he caught 24 passes for 345 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nevertheless, his salary is only the minimum for veterans.

Rogers is the fifth-largest receiver for the Eagles and ranks 30th in the NFL’s near-end receiving yards, second only to Zach Oates, who is ranked 31st.

In contrast, according to OverTheCap data, this new deal makes Rogers the 71st highest-paid tight-fitting player. [nbcsports.com]

Bubble fight

Mike Kay New Jersey Net

The Hawks’ roster is full of foam players. But every team in the league can say the same. This summer, for some young Eagles selected on the second day of their respective drafts, this may be a training camp for success or failure. This is an introduction to two of the players, provided by Mike Kaye of NJ.com…

WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside

For Arcega-Whiteside, this is an offseason of success or failure. The former second-rounder has many shortcomings in the first two seasons of his career. With the arrival of new employees, he really needs to show improvement this summer. The scholarship has ended, and the new employees have no reason to give Arcega-Whiteside special treatment.

Arcega-Whiteside will play against John Hightower, Quez Watkins, Michael Walker and Jhamon Ausbon during training camp and preseason games. Although his pedigree and size make him stand out from the rest of the group, Alcega Whiteside needs to prove himself on the court.

LB Davyn Taylor

Taylor and Arcega-Whiteside have a similar situation. Taylor was once a senior draft pick and did not show a return on investment in limited actions. Taylor was advertised as a project during his rookie season, which was a matter of course, but now he is beginning to be buried in the depth map. The Hawks brought in veteran Eric Wilson to lead the team and selected two “linebacks”, Jackie Stevens and Patrick Johnson. According to reports, they will also move Genard Avery to this position. [nj.com]

On Wednesday morning, our own Jimmy Kempski took away Take a closer look at Davyn Taylor Considering his contribution to a special team and his recent draft by Howie Rothman and has always been considered a project draft, this means Rothman hopes to give him enough time to develop.

25 under 25

Liam Jenkins | Philadelphia Sports Network

After looking at some of the disappointing young players so far, let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum. In the Philadelphia Sports Network, Liam Jenkins (Liam Jenkins) ranks the Under-25 Eagles in the top 25. Although his top 5 includes most of the players you would expect, including Miles Sanders, Jalen Hertz and Devonta Smith, the names on his list are very interesting, especially because He is a seventh-round pick. He has only played football for a few years and is currently competing with Andre Dillard’s under-25 player for the starting position. That’s right, it’s Jordan Myrata…

Jordan Mailata was actually named one of the PFF’s top 15 offensive linebackers in the last 6 games of the season, which is impressive for a less experienced person like him. He calmly dealt with every challenge.

What’s more impressive is that you can see obvious development every week. In the past, Mailata often struggled to find a job at the second level when it was running blocked. This is still the case in early 2020, but as the season progressed, he became more confident in adjusting the size of linebackers and keeping them aside, clearing the way for running backs. His shoulders move slowly forward in his position to balance his weight and stop giving the edge impacter an advantage when he knocks him on the back foot. As each week passed, a small portion of Mailata’s competition took a step forward. =

If Jordan Mailata can win the starting left volley in 2021, then this is all the evidence you might need. He will beat the former first-round pick in that position to become his own, and justify that those lofty dream fans might see him become one of the great men like Jason Peters before him.

Another glass ceiling was broken, and Mailata could easily become the most exciting work the team will build in the next football era… This is definitely worthy of being the first in my eyes. [phillysportsnetwork.com]

If this guy can live up to this hype, it will be a wonderful story. And he seems to be on the road…

Influence signature

Alex ballentin | Stand report

In the Bleacher Report, Alex Ballentine studied the three free agent signings that will have the greatest impact on the Hawks this season. The first two are very obvious. The Eagles signed a pair of defensive starters from LB Eric Wilson and S Anthony Harris from the Vikings. However, the third one is a bit surprising, considering that he is more of a role player than a three-pointer. Despite this, the Eagles have not actually made many big free agency moves in this offseason, and the addition of Ryan Kerrigan may have the same impact in the locker room and on the court.

The passing craze for the Hawks last season was not a problem. Although no player has more than 8.5 sacks, they rank third in the league with 49 sacks. The addition of Kerrigan should help them continue this trend.

Gannon will now have stable edge defenders to hunt down quarterbacks, including Brandon Graham, Josh Sweet, Derek Barnett and Kerrigan.

The only loss in this position is Vinni Curry. Compared with Kerrigan, the Hawks had a better ending in this trade. Curry had 3 sacks and 13 total pressures last season, while scoring 28% last season.

Kerrigan was able to accumulate 5.5 sacks under 13 total pressures and was on the court 38% of the time. The addition of the 32-year-old player should help the Eagles continue to gain the quarterback position in 2020, and at the same time, as Sweat and Barnett continue to develop, add another veteran’s voice to the room. [bleacherreport.com]


Jeffrey Knox | Inside the Eagles

Finally, let’s look at the important addition that the Hawks still need to make: a cornerback starts against Darius Slay. We have seen several candidates before, such as Steven Nelson, who is still the best free agent CB. But what other players can play at this late offseason?

4. Galion Conley

This is the previous first round draft of the 2017 Oakland Raiders. He has stayed with the Houston Texans for a while, but like the first three names on this list, Gary Enconley must be seen as an upgrade in all aspects of the Hawks currently outside of Big Play Slay.

5. DJ Hayden

This is a person who plays the game correctly. You can say that Conley is a replacement for DJ Hayden in some ways. On December 3, 2016, the Raiders included the latter in the team’s IR (Injury Reserve), and he never scored a low score for the team again.

Since then, he has seen two more locker rooms, the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he was Darius Sley’s teammate for a season. He is a good choice to start until the Birdies have a young man they feel comfortable with (if they don’t already have one). [insidetheiggle.com]

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