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What career should you choose based on your zodiac sign

British astrologer Sasha Fenton (Sasha Fenton) shares in her new book “The Magic of Astrology for Health, Family, and Happiness” the profession that suits every constellation-from police to nurses, lawyers and even celebrities.

Aries: police, teacher, engineer

Taurus: chef, architect, designer

Gemini: reporter or accountant

Cancer: pension planner, nanny, shopkeeper

Leo: celebrity, high-profile executive or diamond businessman

Virgo: writer, software programmer, nurse

Libra: lawyer, professional intermediary, decorator

Scorpio: doctor, soldier or management consultant

Sagittarius: travel consultant, carpenter or broadcaster.

Capricorn: banker, publisher, theater owner

Aquarius: inventor, astrologer, designer

Pisces: artist, musician, health teacher

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