The rebellious green leader Anna Mi Paulo said he tried to drive her out of racism and sexism.

In a provocative speech this afternoon, Annami Paul promised to continue as the leader of the Canadian Green Party and claimed that attempts to force her to resign from the top position were driven by racism and sexism.

Paul survived an emergency leadership meeting on Tuesday night, which may initiate the process of removing her from the leadership.

Paul said at a press conference in Ottawa today that the effort to expel her was led by a “small group” of party members, and “they are leaving.”

Paul said that the allegations made against her at the meeting on Tuesday were “very racist and very sexist, and our two lawmakers immediately denied that these allegations were offensive and inflammatory.”

During the emergency meeting of about three and a half hours, the Federal Committee of the Green Party, the governing body of the organization, finally chose not to hold a vote of no confidence.

‘Hostility, superiority and rejection’

CBC News obtained a copy of the letter that prompted the meeting, which contained harsh comments on Paul’s leadership style.

The letter read: “Since she was elected as the leader, Annamy Paul has acted in a hostile, superior, and rejected autocratic attitude, failing to fulfill her duty of becoming an active, contributing, respectful, and careful member of the Federal Council.”

It was written by Manitoba representative Beverley Eert of the Federal Council and Kate Storey, representative of the party fund.

The letter continued: “She rarely attended board meetings. When attending meetings, she would express anger in the lengthy, repetitive, aggressive monologue, and did not recognize the value of any ideas other than her own.”

The letter also accuses Paul of being responsible for the Liberal Party of Parliamentarian Jenica Atwin.

Fredericton MP Geneka Atwin left the Green Party earlier this month to join the ruling Liberal Party. Paul’s critics said she did not work hard to prevent Atwin from leaving. (Guy LeBlanc/Radio Canada)

Former Liberal Party member Celina Caesar-Chavannes (Celina Caesar-Chavannes) said that this letter contains a lot of anti-black racism and sexism. She said that no other federal leader would be similarly attacked.

“The whole concept of’angry black women’ is incorporated into this letter,” Caesar Chavanes told CBC News.

“There is too much language here, and talking about the leader of a federally recognized party is very problematic.”

Congressman Celina Caesar-Chavannes stood up during questions in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, May 25, 2018. (Justin Tang/Canada Press)

Although Paul avoided a vote of no confidence during the meeting, the party’s senior leaders passed a separate motion asking Paul to publicly refute one of Paul’s former senior advisers, Noah Zazman, who accused the unnamed Green Party members of rebelling. Judaism.

The motion also called on Paul to “clearly support” the Green Party caucus.

The motion stated that if Paul does not comply, she will face a vote of no confidence on July 20.

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