The humble Ethan Ampadu cried for failure, but despite the genius refused to show himself on his way to Wales and Chelsea to become a star

As early as in his matches against Chelsea and Wales, ETHAN AMPADU had the mentality of a winner.

The great talent of this midfielder has never been missed since he was young, and he is eager to win every game as well.


Chelsea midfielder Ethan Ampadu has made waves in the past few yearsCredit: Getty
The 20-year-old has also become a regular player in the Welsh starting lineup


The 20-year-old has also become a regular player in the Welsh starting lineupCredit: Getty

While playing for the Stoke Hill youth team in Exeter, Ampado’s competitive spirit often showed, but the most obvious was that they were eliminated in the penalty shootout of the Summer Children’s Championship.

Former Stockhill coach David Evans told Sunsports: “He used to play for us in the summer championship.

“Then all of a sudden, there will be a penalty shoot-out in the semi-finals. If you win, you enter the finals. If you lose, you go home.

“I remember seeing him crying after we lost the penalty shoot-out.

“Playing locally is Ethan’s first understanding of winning and losing and competitiveness.”

Ampado In his early teenage years, he was a bit taller than his teammates and opponent players, but he showed humility and respect for everyone who played against him.

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Ethan Ampadu (second from right) celebrates winning the game with his Stoke Hill teammate


Ethan Ampadu (second from right) celebrates winning the game with his Stoke Hill teammateImage Credit: Stoke Hill Juniors/David Evans

Evans said of the 20-year-old player: “To be honest, he is quiet on the court.

“He may be very different from the young superstars people expect.

“He is very polite and quiet on the pitch. He just makes his football really speak.

“Ethan is the opposite [not being humble]. He is absolutely humble.

“He is very quiet and humble. He doesn’t show off in any way, size or form. The way he plays is very respectful.

“Obviously, some of the players around him are not his standard, but he will never show off.

“He is just a very polite and down-to-earth guy.”

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Amapudu’s talent was also recognized by Exeter City, and he allowed him to continue his love affair with Stoke Hill in their book until he was 14 years old.

Less than a year after breaking into the first team with a 15-year-old face, Ampadu was sold out by a Premier League big player. Chelsea.

Antonio Conte made his debut in the League Cup game against Nottingham Forest in September 2017. He replaced Cesc Fabregas in the second half.

His blues bow is a great source of happiness for everyone connected with the Stoke Hill youth team.

Evans said: “When he made his debut for Chelsea for the first time, I think he came off the bench. [Cesc] Fabregas, I am very proud.

“Everyone is holding the TV on the screen to take pictures. We are very happy to follow his career.

Ethan Ampadu made his Chelsea debut in September 2017


Ethan Ampadu made his Chelsea debut in September 2017Credit: Rex

“Of course, he played some games in Exeter City when he was about 16 years old, which is unbelievable because he played summer football for us and then professional football for Exeter City.

“Then very, very quickly, maybe within a year, he suddenly appeared at Chelsea.

“We have been following his career, which is very exciting for everyone in Exeter.

“Not only the club he played for, but probably all the small clubs he played for.

“Maybe all the clubs here follow him to become an international football player.”

Evans’ pride became more apparent after the Ampadu cameo appearance Wales vs. Switzerland in Euro 2020 opener Last Saturday, although a little disappointed.

In Wales' 1-1 draw with Switzerland last weekend, Ethan Ampadu replaced Aaron Ramsey


In Wales’ 1-1 draw with Switzerland last weekend, Ethan Ampadu replaced Aaron RamseyCredit: Reuters

He said: “To be honest, I am sad that he did not start because he usually starts for Wales. I am very disappointed that he did not start.

“But I really, really hope he starts playing against Turkey tonight.

“I really hope he can start the game against Turkey.”

AmpadoThe journey from the playground of Hamlin Lane to the European Championship is a necessary reminder that grassroots football clubs (many of which are struggling during the pandemic) may have a positive impact on children across the country.

Evans said: “It sends a message that everyone can succeed in football.

“You don’t have to study and develop at Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea.

“He studied and developed at Stoke Hill, the grassroots and the Exeter Youth College.”

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