Saw homicide suspect Eric Wildman north of Winnipeg on Tuesday night

The RCMP said that Eric Wildman was wanted for the disappearance and presumed death of another man. He was last seen in the Lockport area of ??northern Winnipeg on Tuesday night.

The 34-year-old Wildman is driving a gray 2020 Chevy Equinox with the license plate number KGE 368, driving east on Highway 44.

The public is urged to call 911 or the RCMP reporting hotline 431-489-8551 if they see Wildman, but do not approach him because he is considered armed and dangerous.

RCMP spokesperson Sergeant said: “We really want the public to be aware of and remain vigilant.” Laura Ledro said on Wednesday.

She estimates that the RCMP has received about 25 reports so far and is investigating all reports. Ledro said that whenever there is a potential sighting, “we will flood the area.”

“So when it comes in [for Lockport], We sent people to that area. “

LeDrew said this is a powerful reminder, but Wildman is still one step ahead. But with the widespread attention to him, Ledru expressed his hope that the search will end as soon as possible.

“We want to bring Mr. Wildman in safely. This is our focus,” she said.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also released on Wednesday Wildman’s surveillance camera images taken on Friday.

Before he took a taxi to Winnipeg Airport and rented Equinox, they took him to visit Lowe’s in Winnipeg’s East Kildonan area.

Wildman is described as six feet two inches tall, 170 pounds, and blue eyes. He was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a white camouflage ball cap when he disappeared.

He is wanted for the disappearance of Clifford Joseph. The RCMP stated that based on evidence related to Wildman, they regard Joseph’s disappearance as a homicide.

Police believe that Wildman may be driving a gray 2020 Chevy Equinox, like the one in this picture. The license plate number is KGE 368. (Manitoba Royal Mounted Police)

The two men are neighbors of the rural municipality of St. Clements, located near the Stead community about 70 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg.

The 40-year-old Joseph was last seen leaving his home in the early morning of June 7. Later that day, his 1997 Ford Ranger was found abandoned in a rural area east of Highway 44, near Wildman’s property.

The same house, missing 2 times

The person who lived in the same St. Clements house before Joseph also disappeared.

Vernon Carl Otto, 66 years old, Reported missing in 2018, And found his burnt truck not far away.

Ludru said his disappearance is considered suspicious and the investigation is continuing, but it is not part of the investigation involving Joseph and Wildman.

“It definitely doesn’t matter,” she said.

On June 12, the day after Wildman’s abandoned vehicle was found in the East Kildonan community of Winnipeg, the police identified Wildman as the suspect in Joseph’s disappearance. The police found guns, police tactical equipment, police patches and other items similar to police uniforms in the car.

On Tuesday, the police searched his Stead property, which included many burned vehicles and rubble from the old house. Only the brick chimney remained standing.

The RCMP stated that the building was burned down about a month ago, but there is no indication that it is related to the current investigation.

Previous conviction

Court records obtained by CBC News show that Wildman had been breaking the law before.

Between 2006 and 2018, he was convicted of theft, drunk driving and forgery.

When he was sentenced for driving under the influence in 2013—he pleaded guilty—the court heard that Whiteman had a neurological disease that affected his speech. This also limits his employment opportunities.

In order to make money, he has been buying cars to repair and resell them. At that time, Whiteman was living with his father, and the court heard that his father might have to intervene until Whiteman drove again.

His father died in December 2017, According to online obituaries.

The police found guns and ammunition in Wildman’s car. (Manitoba Royal Mounted Police)

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