Perform these upgrades and repairs before selling your rental property

Preparing to sell your rental property can take a lot of work. Should you upgrade or repair the property before listing it or selling it as is? Answering this question requires you to weigh the project cost against the potential increase in the sales price. Whether you are ready to sell now or just want to know how to get your property ready to go public, here are some upgrades and repairs you can make before selling your rental property, which can improve your chances of getting more investment.

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Paint is an upgrade that usually pays off. A fresh coat is essential to make a positive first impression. The value of painting the interior may be twice the value of painting the exterior, because potential buyers want to feel at home inside or feel that the house is good for potential renters.

If you decide to paint, please leave it to a professional. It seems easy to paint on the surface, but even for experienced amateurs, it is difficult to balance the colors, properly trim, cut clean lines, and ensure a uniform coat.


Most of the pipeline engineering is invisible, so it is difficult for the pipeline engineering to impress buyers. Your main concern should be whether there are problems that will cause your house to fail the inspection. Although you can discount the purchase price, unresolved issues often scare away potential buyers and reduce demand for your property.

If you are considering replacing sinks and bathtubs, you may end up with kitchen or bathroom renovations. Renovation may not increase the value of your property, not the expense you spend for improvement, so if you don’t plan to keep the property for several years, you can consider skipping it. The only exception is the plumbing fixture, which is a major eye and needs to be replaced to prevent buyers from forming a negative view of your property.


The floor is another tricky area. On the one hand, it is an important part of the appearance of the property, which can shape or break the first impression. On the other hand, it is expensive and depends largely on taste, so you may or may not recover your entire investment. For example, if your carpet is in poor condition and a mid-range replacement is installed, the buyer may be mentally calculating to upgrade to a better carpet or install wood flooring.


Ventilation is an afterthought in most homes and may be worth skipping. If you install an upgraded ventilation system, buyers may be impressed, but if none of the other properties they look at has a ventilation system, it may be difficult to price. In addition, floor plans and location are usually bigger factors for buyers.


Heating and cooling are similar to pipes. If the system is running in the background, few buyers will notice it. Although some buyers may double-check utility bills, if you upgrade the heating and cooling system before selling the rental property, you will not have time to develop a low utility bill model.

If your home does have heating and cooling problems, you may want to fix it. This is especially true if you display your home that affects the comfort of potential buyers.


Landscaping is another first impression project, which has a strong influence on curbing attractiveness. The most important thing is to present a neat and clean appearance. This includes new mowing, weeding and removal of dead plants. These are things you can handle by yourself.

The flowering plants and fresh mulch on the bed are also impressive. However, this is another area of ??subjective taste, so some buyers will care more than others. It also depends on how your house looks compared to surrounding properties.

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