California’s virus reopening receives cheers and warnings

Los Angeles (Associated Press)-On a hot day, as California fully reopened its economy after 15 months of coronavirus restrictions, the cable car bell rang, the minions danced, and restaurant customers sipped drinks indoors.

From wine country to Disneyland, restaurants and other businesses opened their doors on Tuesday, and many businesses allowed fully vaccinated customers to throw away their masks, as the state ended its color-coding amid declining infection rates and rising vaccination rates COVID-19 limits the grade rate.

“California has turned a new page. Let us celebrate this extraordinary milestone together,” an energetic, maskless governor Gavin Newsom announced on the outdoor stage of Universal Studios Hollywood, where he hosted a show. A game show-style selection consisting of 10 residents, each received $1.5 million, just to get vaccinated. “Today is a day to reconnect with strangers, relatives, and family. Give people a hug.”

Life-size minions, Avengers and other movie mascots dance and cheer during the celebration.

California was the first state in the country to order a coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, and was one of the states to completely reopen after battling the surge in COVID-19 in the fall and winter, with hundreds of deaths every day.

Newsom pointed out that the reason for the reopening was that more than 40 million doses of vaccines had been vaccinated to more than 70% of adults in the state, and the resulting sudden drop in cases. California currently has one of the lowest infection rates in the United States, below 1%.

The state ended regulations on physical distance or capacity limits for restaurants, bars, supermarkets, gyms, museums, amusement parks, stadiums, or any other place.

In most cases, people who are vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks, but companies and counties can still require masks and other restrictions. Many companies say that they will rely on the honor system when determining whether customers are vaccinated.

The reopening atmosphere is very warm-especially on the day when the outdoor temperature is very hot in many parts of the state and the indoor air conditioning is activated. But this has also caused warnings from people who know that millions of people are still not vaccinated and that the coronavirus has not been eradicated.

During the pandemic, California had more people who tested positive for the virus (3.8 million, still increasing) and deaths (over 63,000) than anywhere else in the country, despite the death rate per capita in the country’s most populous state Lower than most other states.

In Los Angeles, people observed a moment of silence in memory of those who died during the pandemic. County Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that people who have not been vaccinated “need to be very careful” and wear them in public places. Masks.

Many museums still need masks, especially because there is currently no federally approved vaccine for children.

Poonam Rai has been wearing a yellow surgical mask after leaving a coffee shop in downtown Sacramento on Tuesday and said she will wear it now. She works in health care and hopes to protect people who have not been vaccinated.

“As of today, I am still doing the same things as yesterday,” she said.

In Sacramento, Midtown Fitness & Boxing lifted the requirement to wear masks on Tuesday, but a small number of customers still wear masks or wear them on their chins.

65-year-old Judy Bratman (Judy Bratman) visited from Los Angeles, watching her adult daughter training on the boxing ring, while saying: “I just stand on tiptoe.”

Nevertheless, this is a hopeful day for companies that have been hit hard by restrictions.

During the Dodgers’ night game against the Phillies, the Dodger Stadium lifted the capacity limit and looked forward to replacing the cardboard paper-cuts of the fans in the seats with flesh and blood. The Dodgers got their wish, reporting that the number of spectators for the game exceeded 52,000 and boasting that this was the largest voter turnout in a professional sports league game since the pandemic began.

“I think we are all very happy to fill the stadium and restore energy in this place,” Los Angeles third baseman Justin Turner said before the game. “This is what we depend on for survival.”

Disneyland has welcomed out-of-state visitors for the first time since it closed in March 2020. It was closed for several months, until this spring it was only open to California residents. This famous park has also lifted many other restrictions, such as temperature checks and face masks for vaccinated guests.

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, announced that the city’s iconic cable car will be suspended at the beginning of the pandemic and will resume operation in August. It will be free for the entire month.

The city’s COVID-19 case rate is 17% lower than that of the state, and the infection rate has dropped significantly.

“We came to this place because the people of this city united like never before and made this a reality,” Breed said. “We have weathered the storm. We have helped save lives, and we should be proud of the work we have done.”

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