Biden and Putin conclude Geneva summit after hours of talks | Joe Biden News

The United States and Russia are seeking to find common ground after a long period of high tension between the two countries.

US President Joe Biden and his Russian President Vladimir Putin concluded their Geneva summit and ended their first meeting since Biden took office in January.

According to the White House, the talks held in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday lasted about four hours.

Expectations for any breakthrough are low, and Moscow and Washington disagree on issues ranging from arms control and cyber hacking to election interference and Ukraine.

Earlier, Putin and Biden shook hands when they arrived at the summit.

Putin sitting next to Biden said: “Mr. President, I want to thank you for taking the initiative to meet today.” “US-Russian relations have accumulated a lot of problems and require the highest level of meetings.

Biden said that the two will try to identify areas of cooperation and common interests.

“It’s always better to meet face to face,” he said.


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