After the leaders gave a cold handshake, the Putin summit fell into chaos because “the American media was treated rudely by Russian agents.”

Biden is optimistic that U.S.-Russian relations can be improved

When President Biden reflected on his meeting with Vladimir Putin, he showed a realistic but optimistic tone.

Biden said that the next few months will be a “test” to see whether the discussion can effectively help bridge the gap between the two countries.

“What will happen next? We will be able to look back in three to six months, look to the future, and then say, is the thing we agreed to sit down and solve is effective? We-are we closer to major strategic stability negotiations and progress ?” Biden said.

“That will be a test. I am not sitting here saying that because the president and I agree that we will do these things, suddenly it will work. I don’t say that.”

He continued: “What I want to say is that I think we have a real prospect that can significantly improve the relationship between our two countries, and we will not give up a single, isolated thing based on principles and our values.”

Credit: Associated Press

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