A Philadelphia man was fatally shot at the King of Prussia Hotel on suspicion of drug dealing

On Wednesday, a Philadelphia man was arrested for a fatal shooting at the King of Prussia Hotel. Prosecutors said a drug deal took place on Monday.

Jonathan Tunnell, 40, was charged with the murder of Henry Palmen, 35, who was found dead at the Fairfield Inn at about 3:30 pm on Monday. After investigations led the authorities to determine that he was the so-called shooter, Tunnell was arrested by U.S. Marshals near Philadelphia International Airport.

A maintenance worker at the Mall Avenue Hotel near the King of Prussia Mall found that Palmen was unresponsive in his hotel room and reported suspected drug overdose to the authorities.

When the Upper Merion police arrived at the hotel room, they found that the small bullet wound on the side of Palmen’s head was bleeding. Investigators said they found many cannabis food packaging and a large number of white and orange pills that have not yet been identified. There is no cash in the room.

A joint investigation by the Upper Merion Police and Montgomery County detectives determined that Palmen received the drugs via shipment from California and plans to meet with Tunnell to sell the drugs.

Investigators checked the surveillance video and found that before the shooting, Tunnell was walking toward the hotel along Mall Boulevard. The authorities said that hotel employees said they also saw Tunnell entering the Fairfield Inn and boarding the elevator.

Police said that about 20 minutes after Tunnell arrived at the hotel, he was seen walking fast in the opposite direction of Mall Boulevard.

Although Tunnell was covered up in surveillance video, investigators said they were able to identify him through visible tattoos on their hands and the cooperation of witnesses.

Tunnell’s criminal history can be traced back to 1999, including a 2005 plea for an attempted murder in Norristown. He was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison and was released in August last year. He is receiving federal probation due to drug cases and state parole related to the Norristown arrest. He was listed as a wanted criminal for violating parole regulations.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said: “The Upper Merion Police did an excellent job in the immediate operation of the hotel room. They obtained the necessary evidence to quickly resolve the murder, which appears to have occurred in During the deterioration of the drug trade.” “The defendant was released on parole in August last year and was wanted for breaching his parole and probation before the murder. Excellent and prompt police work, with the help of the US Marshals, allowed him to This dangerous defendant left the street.”

Prior to the preliminary hearing on June 28, Tunnell was still being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

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