Who plays Prince Charles in the crown?

Last year, a fictional version of Prince Charles dominated our TV screens as the fourth series of “The Crown” premiered on Netflix.

But who plays the heir to the throne in the hit drama? This is everything you need to know.


Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles in the third and fourth seasons of The CrownCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

Who plays Prince Charles in the crown?

Charles Played by three actors Crown So far: Billy Jenkins, Julian Bahrain and Josh O’Connor.

Billy played the future king in the first two seasons of his childhood.

Julian also played Charles in the second season, assuming the role’s first major storyline.

Josh O’Connor subsequently assumed the role in the third and fourth seasons, becoming one of the main characters of the show.

Speaking of his role protector In November 2020, Josh said: “If my career ends tomorrow, everyone will say,’Except for Prince Charles, we can’t buy him as something else’, well, that’s a bit damn.

“But I won’t be so disappointed. I run very well.”

It is considered a favorite in Hollywood Dominic West will play Charles in season five Crown.

Josh has portrayed this character in several storylines, including the honor of Prince Charles


Josh has portrayed this character in several storylines, including the honor of Prince CharlesImage source: PA: Press Association

What is the main storyline of Prince Charles in The Crown?

Charles participated in several major storylines in “The Crown”, starting with his Gordonston School in the second season.

Most of them involve his marriage to the turbulent Princess Diana, Which dominated the fourth quarter.

Fans are expected to see more Charles in future episodes.

The following plot is Fiction Based on facts and is Is not A true record of what happened in real life.

Gordonston Trauma

Prince Philip Although the Queen wanted him to go to Eton College, she sent Charles to a school in Gordonston, Mali, Scotland.

Philip himself had studied at Gordonston and believed that this would give Charles a beautiful and humble beginning to adulthood.

The young man struggled in a difficult school-and was reprimanded by his father-but managed to finish his studies.

Honour of Wales

Although he enjoyed his studies at Cambridge University, Charles was sent to study in Wales for a semester, after which he became the Prince of Wales.

He was taught the language by Welsh nationalist Tedi Millward and delivered an inauguration speech in Welsh.

In the speech, Charles expressed his support for Wales, which annoyed his mother.

Queen Tell her son that he cannot express personal opinions.

Josh and 25-year-old Emma Corrin play Princess Diana together


Josh and 25-year-old Emma Corrin play Princess Diana togetherCredit: Splash News

Relationship with Camilla

At the end of the third season, Charles fell into a love triangle with Camilla Sund and her boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles.

In the same episode, it is revealed that Charles has been writing to the Duke of Windsor-aka Edward VIII-the abdicated monarch.

Charles’ relationship with Camilla was destroyed eight months after he was sent overseas, and she continued to marry Andrew.

Marry diana

Charles was engaged to Diana, but still had an affair with Camilla, and Camilla later encouraged him to continue the marriage.

The marriage was rough from the beginning, and Charles was jealous of Diana’s new reputation.

The couple had two children — William and Harry — but they were unfaithful to each other and were on the verge of divorce at the end of the fourth season.

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