When 12,000 contestants arrived in the sun, the latest news, tips, free bets and match cards for the first day

The rest of the day

Our guy also browsed the entire card and brought you his choice of each card Seven race.

2.30 Palace Pier

These different classes are ideal for travel and track.

3.05 Tolstoy

A brave debut should take a big step forward.

3.40 Batash (nb)

Won this award last year and set the standard again.

4.20 Poetic Flare (NAP)

2,000 Guinea winners who are still upgrading.

5.00 Lajapur

Always respect the level and the listing form on the yard.

5.35 Felix (treble)

Participated in Group 1 on the grass in Dubai last time.

6.10 Suspicious events

This trip is in good condition, and it works well when it is fresh.

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