What’s new at Philadelphia Community College

From Octavian Cato Scholarship For the upcoming return to campus, the city’s universities have many exciting opportunities.

Return to campus this fall

Philadelphia Community College is happy to welcome students back to campus this fall.In the past few months, the college has been working closely with Pennoni, an engineering consulting firm based in Philadelphia, to develop a comprehensive 2021 Fall Campus Safety Plan To ensure a safe return to campus.

Although face-to-face teaching will be conducted on a staggered schedule, courses will be offered in four formats: synchronous and asynchronous online, hybrid and face-to-face. The college is committed to providing courses that best meet the needs and schedule of students.

The college will continue to follow all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

For more information on what students can expect when they return to campus this fall, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, please visit myccp.online/coronavirus.

Octavian Cato Scholarship

The college is currently recruiting the next batch of Octavius ??Catto scholarships.

Catto Scholars collaborated with Mayor Jim Kenney to obtain full-time college students for the first time. They received the last dollar of funding to pay for tuition and miscellaneous fees. Cato scholars also receive a monthly allowance to pay for food, books, transportation, and other expenses.

More than 130 scholars have taken advantage of this scholarship.meet Chelsea Hammond – One of our current scholars – Learn more about the opportunities offered by the scholarship.

Are you or someone you know ready to go to college for free?Learn more about how to become an Octavius ??Catto Scholar by visiting ccp.edu/catto.

Provide affordable housing for our students

In May, the college officially announced its cooperation with the Philadelphia Housing Authority to provide low-cost, stable, and high-quality housing for students whose housing at Philadelphia Community College is unsafe and has participated in the foster care system.

Starting this fall, up to 16 students will be placed in two dormitory-like buildings less than a mile from the campus. The rent will be based on 30% of their income, and under no circumstances will students pay more than $125 in rent per month.

Students will also receive special comprehensive services to ensure their success, including: Participating in the Cultivation Care Contact Program designed to support CCP students participating in the foster care system; Academic consulting services; Obtaining counselling; Scholarship process for tuition assistance and other emergency funds Provide assistance; and provide help for job search, career preparation support, and other programs through Career Connections.

After entering the program, the college will work with each student to develop a stability plan, with the goal of ensuring permanent housing after graduation. To learn more about the program, please contact Michelle Lopez [email protected].

Library and learning sharing area

As students return to campus this fall, they will be welcomed by the redesigned library and learning sharing area. Construction began in the spring of 2019, and its mission is to completely change the way students learn.

The new Learning Commons will include enhancements such as active learning and computer laboratories, cafes and art exhibition areas, academic computing services with more than 200 available computers, tutoring in almost all subjects, and One Button Studio production for digital video studio.

For more information about the college library and learning sharing area, please visit ccp.edu/llc.

Career and Advanced Technology Center

It is expected that in the spring of 2022, the college will officially open to its Career and Advanced Technology Center (CATC), which is a state-of-the-art teaching facility.

Although the college’s automotive technology project will be the backbone of the building, CATC will also provide support to local entrepreneurs and provide hands-on learning experiences in areas in need, such as advanced manufacturing and entry-level healthcare training.

CATC will become a community-centric center, bringing career preparation and community building to West Philadelphia through community workspace laboratories and pre-university STEM colleges.

Learn more about the college’s career and advanced technology center by visiting ccp.edu/catc.

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