What happened to Walgreens in San Francisco?

On June 14, 2021, a disturbing and embarrassing shoplifting incident was captured in a video from a Walgreens department store in San Francisco.

The suspect left the store without anyone stopping, and no one was arrested.


The shoplifter was filmed at the scene but escapedCredit: KGO-TV

What happened to Walgreens in San Francisco?

In a Walgreens in San Francisco, someone saw thieves filling garbage bags with goods.

According to reports, the three used their mobile phones to record the crime. ABC 7.

ABC 7 reporter Lyanne Melendez was one of the shocked bystanders documenting the theft.

“At that time, he hit me on a bicycle,” she told the media.

“As a reporter, it is difficult for me to say’I will not participate, I cannot participate’, I must remain neutral, but this is also my city.

“I live in this city and I often see this situation. Not only Walgreens, but also cars, my garage door was broken into twice.”

Shoplifting has always been a big problem in San Francisco


Shoplifting has always been a big problem in San FranciscoCredit: KGO-TV

The uninjured reporter said that she had witnessed three such shoplifting crazes in different Walgreens in the area.

According to ABC 7 reports, a security guard also recorded shoplifters and tried to seize garbage bags.

According to Brendan Dugan of CVS Health’s retail crime department, San Francisco is “one of the centers of organized retail crime.” New York Times.

“One trend we are seeing is more violence and escalation — and more boldness,” Raj Vaswani, the commander of the San Francisco Police Department, told The Times.

“We have seen many repeat offenders.”

Ahsha Safaí, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, told The Times that he had recently seen a disturbing scene.

“Half of Walgreens are on the sidewalk. I’m not kidding,” Safay told the newspaper.

“I was blown away. I have never seen anything like this in this city.”

He added: “It has become part of the landscape. People said,’Oh, well, that just happened.'”

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