The Phillies fast forward to the future of sports TV with a stream-only series this weekend

Sons and daughters in the Philadelphia area may help their father find Philly games on TV during some time on Father’s Day weekend.

When the team heads to San Francisco this weekend to face the Giants in a three-game series and end their West Coast trip, NBC Sports Philadelphia or NBC10 will not be able to broadcast any games locally.

Instead, the entire series of Oracle Park will be available exclusively (for free) on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. That’s right-no Phillies games will be shown on traditional linear TV this weekend.

Although the media used to watch the game may be different, some of the faces in the booth are familiar to Philadelphia fans.

John Kruk (John Kruk) will appear on the booth this weekend. He often plays for the Phillies with Tom McCarthy on the NBC Philadelphia Sports Channel. Jimmy Rollins will join him. He has organized baseball games for NBC Sports Philadelphia and TBS.

Legendary Announcer Jon Miller (Jon Miller) will host the weekend TV broadcast. He is known for working on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball for many years. Mike Krukow, one of Miller’s broadcast partners in San Francisco, will also appear on the booth.

It is expected that the broadcast will also have special features and guest contributors. Before the first of all three games, Peacock will provide pre-match coverage.

The Peacock exclusive broadcast this weekend will be the first time the Phillies will not be able to watch the entire series on the radio or cable network.

For a variety of reasons, the decision to make the Phillies Giants exclusive on Peacock this weekend is not surprising. First of all, the Phillies and Giants are two of the four MLB teams that have signed a local TV contract with NBC Sports Regional Networks. Understandably, NBCUniversal wants to launch this plan through two franchises that do business with the company’s regional sports network.

The Peacock exclusive broadcast is one of MLB’s latest efforts to expand the options for fans to watch games on various digital and streaming media platforms, with the goal of making it easier for cord cutters to get this experience.

Last month, the Phillies played a game with the Marlins in Miami that can only be watched on YouTube. This is one of 12 MLB games played for free on YouTube in the past year. The league also broadcasts a large number of regular games simultaneously on ESPN+.

However, although it may not be foreseeable now, as the world of sports and streaming continues to collide, the exclusive three-game series of streaming media to a large extent predicts what will happen in the near future.

This ongoing conflict may not be more common than NBCUniversal. NBCUniversal continues to actively expand its live sports programs on Peacock and get rid of the traditional broadcasting model.

NBC Sports’ national cable network NBCSN will cease operations at the end of 2021, prompting the transfer of most of the company’s sports content to Peacock.

The closure of the national sports network will certainly raise questions about the future of regional sports networks like NBC Sports Philadelphia. Recently experienced major cutsIf this weekend’s experiment goes well, who will rule out the possibility that the Peacocks will eventually broadcast more Phillies games in the near future?

Now, with the continuous growth of live sports streaming services, Peacock has become a treasure trove of many viewers.

The streaming service now broadcasts 175 Premier League games every season. It has also become the exclusive streaming home of WWE Network, allowing wrestling fans to watch every pay-per-view live event.

Peacock provided an exclusive live report of the recently concluded French Open and will replicate these products at the beginning of this weekend’s Golf US Open. The streaming service is expected to also play a key role in NBC Sports’ comprehensive coverage of the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan this summer.

Other sports, such as IndyCar, Motocross, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Cycling and Rugby, can also be played on Peacock.

But the sport where streaming services like Peacock are expanding at the fastest rate is football.

Starting in 2023, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Paramount+ and Peacock will all play an indispensable role in the broadcasting of NFL games in the next ten years. Peacock will eventually start broadcasting all of NBC’s Sunday night football matches simultaneously, and will have an exclusive streaming game every season until 2028.

Broadcasting the entire three-game series on streaming services is likely to be just another step towards the day when Phillies games and general sports events are no longer broadcast primarily on traditional television platforms.

For more information on how to access Peacock, please visit Streaming service websitePeacock provides viewers with three levels of service; a free version with ad support with a limited content library, an ad support premium tier with Peacock’s full library for $4.99, and an ad-free package that provides all Peacock content for $9.99.

Xfinity Flex and X1 customers can automatically get the premium version of Peacock advertising support at no additional cost. Most devices can also access streaming services.

When your parents call you on Friday night and wonder why they can’t find a Phillies game on TV, make sure you write down all of them.

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