The Conservative Party calls on Trudeau to fire the Secretary of Defense over the crisis of sexual misconduct

The Conservative Party has called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fire Defense Secretary Harjit Sajjan on the grounds that he has lost confidence in the crisis of military sexual misconduct.

In today’s fierce confrontation, Conservative Party leader Irene O’Toole accused Sajan of dealing with crises many times in the past six years.

O’Toole stated that Sajjan failed to control the problem by fully implementing the recommendations in the landmark report released in 2015.

O’Toole said that if Sajan respected the institutions he once served in uniform, he would “do honorable things and resign.” If he doesn’t do this, he said, Trudeau should intervene.

“The Canadian Armed Forces are falling apart before our eyes,” O’Toole said. “When will the Prime Minister fire his incompetent minister?”

Sajjan said that he would not listen to the Conservative Party’s advice on military issues because O’Toole’s party cut military budgets during the government.

“We know we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that we create an inclusive environment in the Canadian Armed Forces, and we will complete it,” Sajjan said.

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole told the House of Commons today that Sajjan has had six years to control the crisis of sexual misconduct. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canada Press)

Sajjan’s call to resign was issued the day after two blockbuster developments.

The second in command of the army. Lieutenant General Mike Rouleau announced his resignation this week after news that he had played golf with former Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan Vance earlier this month, who is under investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct (Vance denies This allegation).

Although the military and police are investigating, Mike Rouluo played golf with former Canadian senior soldier General Jonathan Vance on June 2. The Canadian Army Investigation Bureau, investigating Vance, reports directly to the military’s provost, and Rullo has the authority to do so. (Fred Chatlander/Canada Press)

Major General Dani Fortin Raise a legal challenge It was stated on Monday that the decision to publicly terminate his secondment as the head of vaccine promotion in Canada last month was driven by political interference by Sajan and others.

Fortin was removed from the vaccine launch in mid-May, just a few days before the National Bureau of Investigation of the Canadian Army submitted its sexual misconduct investigation to the Quebec Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether criminal charges should be filed. Fortin denied allegations of sexual misconduct.

The former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense defended Rouleau

In an interview with CBC News Power and politicsThe former Chief of Defense Staff and retired Lieutenant General Guy Thibaud said that the current crisis of sexual misconduct is a dark period for the Canadian Armed Forces; he likened it to The Somalia scandal of the 1990s.

Tebow tells Power and politics Guest host David Common (David Common) The injuries suffered by soldiers due to sexual misconduct are “horrible.”

Thibault defended Rouleau and expressed regret that he had resigned due to the impact of the golf game. He said he believed that Rouleau contacted Vance out of goodwill and wanted to know his situation.

“I think this is just an opportunity for Rouleau to contact General Vance and see how he performs,” ??he said.

Thibaud said that once Rouleau’s decision to meet with Vance became part of the ongoing crisis of sexual misconduct, Rouleau “feeled that he had no choice but to resign to move on.”

He said: “I think it is a sad result for him to really try to do something and do the right thing.”

Watch: Former Deputy Military Commander Says Misconduct Crisis Affects Daily Operations

Former Chief of Defense Staff Guy Thibault told Power & Politics that the ongoing crisis of sexual misconduct in the military is having an impact on daily operations. 9:20

Many victims of sexual misconduct feel different to see that their case is thoroughly investigated. Some people told CBC News that it was maddening to read about golf matches, and they believed that it showed that senior military leaders supported the defendant more than the alleged victims.

“Enough,” Trudeau said

Murray Brewster of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation asked today when the Trudeau government will deal with this crisis — and whether it may become a national security issue.

During his first official visit to Belgium since the end of the pandemic, Trudeau said that the problem of sexual misconduct in the military has not been resolved for a long time.

Trudeau said: “What we have seen in the past few months is enough.” “I can assure everyone that the continued ability of Canada and its military to ensure our collective security remains a top priority.”

Trudeau pointed out that his government decided to oblige former Supreme Court Justice Louis Albert to lead an external review of sexual harassment and misconduct in the military. The Ministry of National Defense also created a new position of “Head of Behavior and Profession”, now held by a Lieutenant General. Jenny Carinan.

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