Teen Mom 2 LIVE-Jade Cline’s mother came back after taking her daughter’s post-operative medicine away

What did Carlin’s former best friend Mark say about her?

He tried to clarify the facts: “I have experienced good and bad times, and experienced those times with her. I have seen a lot of people come in and out of her life. I accept and deal with it a lot.

“In this case, she started to disrespect me. Once you disrespect me, I won’t tolerate or deal with it. Now I’m experiencing the thing that she lied about something that happened. This is what I hate the most. One. I won’t deal with that.”

Mark explained how he planned a week-long birthday trip with friends in Ocean City, Maryland, in May.

He said of Kailin: “My friend said that I live close to Ocean City and I have been there many times. She is like I will come one day. I said,’Okay, Come on Saturday. We have to barbecue and play games, it will be fun. That is my response.

“She continues to play one of the podcasts she owns. She said that when she told me about it, I felt very frustrated and angry. This is a lie! When she told me, I thought it was okay, that Saturday Just come.

“I’m not angry, I’m not angry.”

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