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Emmerdale: Tracy collapsed after hurting Frankie

Tracy Metcalf collapsed as She hurt baby Frankie At Emmerdale next week.

The ITV soap opera is exploring the impact of postpartum depression as Tracy struggles to cope after giving birth to her daughter.

When Nate told her that the farm might have to be closed due to the spread of infection, Tracy tried to stay calm.

Worried about the money, Nate asked Tracy to return to work, and she agreed that it was the best way to do so, hiding her panic about leaving Frankie.

Tracy lost it and was furious at Faith because she tried to return the dirty dummy to her child.

As the week passed, Tracy continued to spiral upward, and when Wendy reminded her of Frankie’s jab and tried to touch her child, Tracy threw Frankie away.

Back home, Tracy accidentally scratched her baby while trying to clean her face, frightened.

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