Royal News-Although Prince Harry and Meghan’s friends claimed that she had met, the Queen had never seen Lily Beat during a video call

How did the Queen extend a moving nod to her great-granddaughter LILIBET DIANA on the weekend-but did you find it?

On the weekend, the Queen welcomed President Biden and his wife Dr. Gil for tea at Windsor Castle.

During the visit, the 95-year-old Her Majesty the Queen paid special tribute to her new great-granddaughter Lilibet Diana-but did you find it?

The monarch wore a pink Stewart Parvin dress with a Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat-also pink-and some fashionable white gloves , Looks very compelling.

If you look closely at the dress pattern, you will find that lilies are part of the floral design.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed that their new daughter born on June 4 has the nickname “Lily”. Royal fans said that the queen’s choice of dress is iconic. The Queen also wore her Jardine star brooch during the visit, which may be a subtle tribute to the American Stars and Stripes.

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