Philadelphia school district goes green, buys electric school buses

The Philadelphia School District purchased five electric school buses in time for the 2021-22 school year, and this is the first school district in the state to do so.

Area Announced on Tuesday It will continue to purchase five electric school buses every year to replace its diesel buses.

This initiative was achieved through the Diesel Emission Reduction Act and the region’s sustainable development plan. Green futuresThe school district stated that electric school buses will reduce gasoline, pollution and noise pollution.

We are happy to get these buses and continue our GreenFutures work to determine more effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint,Danielle Floyd says, General Manager of Transportation Services for the Philadelphia School District.

The new bus looks like a traditional school bus and can accommodate 48 passengers.

Although we have previously purchased clean diesel buses to replace our aging fleet, we are proud to be the first school district in the Commonwealth to start investing in all-electric buses, not only providing climate and health benefits to our communities, but also Let students benefit from a quieter and more relaxed riding, ” flyOdd said.

The area purchased LionC buses from Lion Electric. They all have wheelchair lifts and achieve zero emissions.

Lion Electric is very proud to work with the Philadelphia School District to put the first all-electric school bus on the roads of Pennsylvania, paving the way for the future of sustainable school transportation in Keystone State.Nate Baguio saysVice President of Sales at Lion Electric.

“DingThe deployment of electric school buses in the Philadelphia area can not only provide students with a healthier environment and a quieter journey to and from school, but also can significantly save maintenance and energy costs, and ultimately enable the area to further invest in students and invest funds back to the classroom.

The operating cost of electric buses is much lower. Compared with diesel buses, maintenance costs are reduced by 60% and energy costs are reduced by 80%.

The district’s sustainable development plan, Green futures, Outlined plans to replace its old diesel school bus fleet to support new technologies that focus on low emissions, improved fuel economy and safety.

This Biden Administration Proposal As part of the U.S. employment program, replace 20% of the school bus fleet in the United States. According to the plan, it will replace about 100,000 of the 500,000 school buses with electric buses.

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