Lin-Manuel Miranda “really sorry” for the lack of Afro-Latino representatives in In the Heights

Soon after the premiere of his Broadway musical In the highlands, Lin-Manuel Miranda posted a Twitter apology for the lack of Afro-Latino representatives in the film.

He wrote in a Monday post: “I heard that if there are not enough dark-skinned Afro-Latino representatives, this work feels like an extract of the community that we very much want to represent with pride and joy.”

Miranda, of Puerto Rican descent, produced and starred in this movie based on his 2008 Broadway hit of the same name.title In the highlands Refers to Washington Heights, which is the famous Latino community in New York, where Hamilton The stars have grown up and are still alive.

Critics accuse the film of whitewashing the area because the main actor has only one dark-skinned character-Corey Hawkins, who portrays the love Benny.

Speaking of their casting decision, Miranda said: “In trying to portray the mosaic of this community, we didn’t do it.”

“I am really sorry.”

Directors and actors discuss controversy

Miranda responded in In the highlands The online magazine The Root interviewed director Jon M. Chu and actors Leslie Grace and Melissa Barrera about the choice of actors in the film.

“I would say it was a fair conversation,” Chu said.

“We will not do everything in the movie well. We have tried our best in every aspect.”

Watch | Director and actor’s decision on casting in the movie at The Heights:

Barrera added: “During the audition process… there were a lot of African-Americans, a lot of dark-skinned people. I think they are looking for someone who is suitable for the role. For the person who embodies everyone, maximize their personality. .”

“I hope this will break the glass ceiling, because I do want to see brothers and sisters who are darker than me starring in these movies,” Grace said.

Discussions about how the film marginalized the Caribbean diaspora community also gained attention on social media. In the highlands‘It will be shown in theaters and HBO Max this weekend.

Miranda tried to address these concerns in his Twitter post on Monday.

“I am learning from the feedback, I thank you for bringing it up, and I am listening,” he wrote. “I’m trying to take responsibility for the incredible pride in the films we make and for our shortcomings.

“I promise to do better in my future projects, and I am committed to learning and developing what all of us must do to ensure that we respect our diverse and vibrant community.”

Corey Hawkins (left) and Leslie Grace appear in the scene of In the Heights. Hawkins is the only dark-skinned character among the main actors in this movie. (Macall Polay/Warner Bros. Entertainment/Associated Press)

This musical film adapted by Warner Bros. is expected to showcase Latino talent in Hollywood, but its premiere performance is unremarkable. Despite forecasting a box office return of US$1.5-20 million, it still generated US$11.4 million in revenue.

According to Samba TV, a third-party audience tracking app, the movie’s ratings are In the first three days, 693,000 American households used HBO Max, As reported by the deadline. Compared with other works of Warner Bros., this is a drop.

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