Good UK trade policy should start at home

Trade agreement Agree in principle The trade agreement between Britain and Australia will lay the foundation for Britain’s independent trade policy.This will be the first agreement that does not replace the agreement reached with the EU after Brexit The UK enjoys EU membershipTherefore, these regulations will set a framework for other trade negotiations and show what the UK is willing to do to achieve its goals. However, just as important is that it set an unfortunate precedent in how to manage the country’s trade policy.

The 2016 referendum on Britain’s accession to the EU not only showed dissatisfaction with the economic impact of the EU Globalization And its struggle with political legitimacy. The British, David Cameron said in 2013 when he announced that he would seek a referendum, “seeing one treaty after another has changed the balance between member states and the EU. Please note that they have never been given a speech Right.” However, the latest chapter of British trade policy was once again written behind closed doors.

Already very few Parliamentary review The Australian trade agreement may pay attention to stakeholders. The most controversial aspect is its impact on farmers, who are worried that they will face price and standard competition from Australian industrial-scale producers, while being asked to bear the costs of green transformation. Many backbenchers from the Conservative Party and opposition members agree. According to reports, even members of the cabinet are split, one is the Ministry of International Trade, and the other is the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In the UK, in fact, in many other countries, it is the norm to allow the executive branch to play freely in international negotiations. In the UK, concluding a treaty is a “privilege”, or power exercised by the government on behalf of the Queen; it does not require parliamentary approval. The treaty must be ratified, but it cannot be amended. Even if parliament rejects a treaty, it just restarts the clock; the government can resubmit it repeatedly for parliamentary approval.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to the outline of the agreement with the opposite figures on Scottish salmon and Welsh lamb, but the decentralized government lacked an important voice.The Scottish National Party is not responsible for its content The impact of threatening transactions About Scottish farmers. As part of the withdrawal agreement, the Northern Ireland agreement with the European Union means that no trade agreement will fully apply to the province.

A balance needs to be reached. Negotiations require a national united front and concerted efforts. However, parliamentary support as well as increased transparency and broader political support are critical to reaching a deal.This Swiss government reached agreement Upgraded relations with the EU, but domestic critics separated it. In Britain’s own Brexit negotiations, the lack of domestic consensus on what the future relationship should look like is the biggest obstacle to reaching an agreement.

Suppressing differences will not make them disappear. The proposed 15-year transition period for these provisions to take effect gradually, may limit political difficulties, but will even reduce the limited benefits of the transaction-estimated to increase British national income by 0.01% to 0.02%.The Australian transaction is a prize for a government that attaches great importance to independent trade policies, and it is willing to invest The border of the irish sea. This also reminds people that the most important negotiation is the one carried out in the country.

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