Cold War and theater news and rumors at the beginning of season 4

Call of Duty Season 4 is about to begin-there are so many new things to chew.

We will report all the latest Cold War and theater news in real time.

Season 3 officially ends on Tuesday, June 15.

After a short pause, with the launch of Season 4 on Thursday, June 17, the event will resume again.

We will see a major change in Warzone’s Verdansk, and there are now crashed satellites everywhere.

More interesting is a series of mysterious red doors that will pop up on the map.

The Cold War has also received some updates, with new guns, models, and operators.

This does not even include the four new maps that will land in the game in Season 4.

Learn about the latest “Call of Duty” Season 4 news with us…

  • Story time

    So what is the story?

    Season 4 continued the twists and turns of the main Cold War game-of course, infiltrating the war zone.

    Russell Adler has been released by Frank Woods (apparently in 1984), and Perseus agents are planning their next move.

    The CIA satellites are interfering with the Perseus project, so a de-orbit plan is underway.

    Warzone players will notice some newly crashed satellites in Verdansk, and these satellites will become new points of interest.

    Now, Adler and his comrades will face Stitch, one of Perseus’ most evil agents.

  • The way ahead

    Activision is ready for what is about to happen.

    The official roadmap has been released, detailing the biggest highlights of Season 4 of Call of Duty.

    There are new maps, operators, weapons and modes-to keep you busy…

  • It’s time to play

    So when can you learn more about the new update?

    This season will be broadcast live for Black Ops Cold War on June 15th at 9pm California time.

    Warzone will receive the update on June 16th at 9pm California time.

    For the British, due to the eight-hour time difference, these updates will be released at 5 am in the next few days.

    At the same time, New Yorkers can enjoy new updates from midnight.

  • Gun fun

    The third season of “Call of Duty” is coming to an end-what a crazy journey this is.

    Perhaps the biggest highlight is the “Action Heroes” update in the 80s, where players play John McLean and Rambo, shooting while running.

    Even better is the opportunity to explore the professionally reconstructed Nakatomi Square (known for its hard work) in the downtown area of ??Warzone.

    Now we look forward to the excitement and killing of Season 4 of Call of Duty.

    The new season will officially start on Thursday, June 15.

    What followed were changes in Verdansk, time-limited events, new guns, modes, and operators to be activated.

    We will keep you up to date with the latest “Call of Duty” Cold War and War Zone news and Season 4 Land.

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