The rocket launch can be seen from the Philadelphia area on Tuesday morning

Residents in the Philadelphia area may see the rocket launch on Tuesday morning, but to do so, you need to get up early and clear the sky.

Northrop Grumman’s Minotaur 1 rocket is scheduled to take off from NASA’s Wallops Facility in Virginia at 7 am on Tuesday morning. NASA Say.

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When the 69-foot-tall rocket took off from the Mid-Atlantic region and several East Coast states (including Pennsylvania and New Jersey), it should be visible. According to the map provided by NASA, residents of the Philadelphia area should be ready to see the rocket 30-60 seconds after liftoff.

However, Tuesday’s weather forecast may make visibility difficult. There may be rain and thunderstorms in the Philadelphia area on Tuesday, which means that clouds may prevent anyone from seeing the rocket launch.But according to the Meteorological Department, it is expected to be sunny for most of Tuesday National Weather Service, So a clear sky is very possible.

The rocket will carry three national security payloads for the National Reconnaissance Office. NRO is an agency of the Department of Defense responsible for the development, acquisition, launch, and operation of US intelligence satellites. NASA.

The program is operated by the launch company of the Space and Missile Systems Center of the US Space Forces. This will be the USSF’s third small launch mission and the second NRO takeoff from Wallops Island last year.

The live broadcast of the countdown and rocket launch will be held at the flight facility at 6:30 am on Tuesday morning. YouTube channel.

NASA will also provide its latest information Twitter with Facebook account.

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