Sixers’ Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Mattis Sebull named to the NBA’s All-Defensive Team

On Monday night, 76ers guard Ben Simmons, center Joel Embiid, and backup winger Matisse Sebull were all selected to the NBA’s All-Defensive Team. This reflects Philadelphia’s excellent defensive season and their The wealth on hand is embarrassing. Simmons was appointed to the first team, and Embiid was added to the second team by Sebre.

For Simmons, this is the second year in a row that he has been recognized as one of the best defenders in the NBA, which is not surprising considering that he bid for the league’s best defensive player of the year award. Although he lost to Rudy Gobert in this honor, Simmons is undoubtedly one of the best five guards in the league this season, and it is easy to get this honor.

After experiencing some hot and cold extensions on the defensive end of his early career, Simmons has become the night and day leader of Philadelphia’s elite defense, taking on the highest tasks as long as there is demand, and regularly shutting down players. He got the praise he deserved from the voters– Simmons and Gobert together became the only two players unanimously selected for the first team.

The other two names are not surprising, although if voters decide to look at it differently, they have factors that are not conducive to their case.

The “played” all-around retort was not enough to keep Embiid away from one of the teams, which made him the third best defensive team in his career. Embiid continues to have a significant impact on Philadelphia’s field statistics, and this is the most important thing that doesn’t necessarily show up on paper-the drive of failure, the kicks that appear when players are afraid of him in the paint, and in his The number of shots on the fairway where difficult shots are made within the length range. Embiid’s ability to play MVP-level balls offensively while still being one of the best defenders in the league proves his pride in defeating opponents.

On the other hand, Saibul is an absolute threat, but in some ways as a 76ers bench player is fighting an uphill battle. But when he is on the court, his influence cannot be denied. The young winger’s performance in steals, deflection and steals is comparable to that of players who have played more minutes than him. This is obvious on the court. Thybulle’s 20 minutes per game is the least among players selected for the All-Defensive Team (close behind is Bobby Jones contributed 20.4 to the 76ers in the 1984-85 season).

It turns out that when all votes are counted, Saible is not too dangerous-the second-year wing gets 20 points more votes than Kawhi Leonard, who wins in any player on both teams Lowest score. If we assume that his role expands over time, this seems to be a good sign for Thybulle to move forward. His name and his game are already well known in the league. I think we may all hope that he will be a fixture for these teams to move forward.

The full list of the two teams:

The 76ers may not have won the big hardware they hoped for, but their head coach and organization members may think this is an honor, more important than the MVP trophy and the Defensive Player of the Year award. Being able to fill a fully defensive team with a team of players usually means one thing-people don’t like to play against you, especially in the playoffs.

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