Searching for the missing British hiker Esther Dingley recovers six months after her disappearance

The MOUNTAIN rescue team has resumed searching for the missing British hiker Esther Dingley, because her tortured boyfriend continues to look for her in the Pyrenees.

Expert officials have been able to sort through the 8,796-foot Pico Salvaguardia summit At around 4 pm on November 22, Oxford University graduates contacted partner Dan Colgate for the last time.


Mountain rescue has resumed the search for Esther Dingley (Esther Dingley)Credit: Facebook

Sergeant Jorge López Ramos, whose Graham Elite Mountain Search and Rescue Team led Este’s eight-day search last year, said that the snow on the north face of the mountain on the French side of the border meant that work there must wait. .

He also said that if nothing was found earlier, officials are counting on the possibility of information from hikers who gathered in the Pyrenees during the peak period of July and August.

Starting in mid-June, the National Guard officials who have been working on the ground will be supported by a helicopter that has a permanent base in the town of Benasque, where Esther had stayed before his disappearance.

After the Spanish court investigation began The 37-year-old man born in Durham is missing Keep it open.

Mr. Lopez Ramos said: “We spent some time going into the mountains to see what the snow looked like, and to see where we thought there might be an accident in Este.

Last November, the personal trainer went missing while hiking alone in the Pyrenees


Last November, the personal trainer went missing while hiking alone in the PyreneesCredit: Tim Stewart

“A helicopter has been assisting ground personnel, but we have not found anything.

“The southern wall of Pico Salvaguardia can now be reached on foot without any problems. That is one of the places we have seen because we know it is the last place Esther touched. Her boyfriend.

“There is still snow on the north side near the top of the mountain. This will be the French side, so nothing can be ruled out for the time being.

“The snow there may take a month to melt, but no exact date can be given.”

He added: “The busiest period of the year when we have to carry out most of the rescue is about to begin, and we will not be able to systematically search for Esther as we did at the beginning.

Esther’s partner Dan Colegate has moved to the area to find her


Esther’s partner Dan Colegate has moved to the area to find herCredit: Facebook

“But from June 19, we will have a helicopter here again, and we will use it to exclude areas.

“Summer is the time of year when we are most likely to get information that can help us, because that is when most people are walking in the mountains.”

The police and the mountain rescue team said that Dan and Esther’s mother Rhea had recently discussed the continued pursuit of Esther and searched for themselves in the area.

The last person to see the missing British hiker Esther Dingley alive, Marty Vigo del Alco, said that the weather conditions were good when she disappeared

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