Coronavirus news update-London’s vaccination rate is lower than the UK average, and covid “will kill the British for the rest of our lives”

Hancock was told to be cautious before denying that COVID winter surge is inevitable

After being urged to be “completely honest” about the future threat posed by Covid-19, Matt Hancock denied that there will be an inevitable surge in Covid this fall and winter.

The Minister of Health has repeatedly told members of Congress that the expected increase in cases later this year is “not inevitable” due to the impact of the vaccine program, although he also admitted that it “may happen.”

He made the remarks after the former Conservative Party Health Minister Jeremy Hunt advised his successor to be cautious and realistic about the impact of the “vaccine-breaking” variant. Mr. Hancock confirmed that the lifting of restrictions was delayed by four weeks. Mr. Hunt said: “I happen to support these measures and the cautious attitude shown by the government.

“But can I suggest (Mr. Hancock) that one of the reasons many people are disappointed is the use of words like’irreversible’. Tonight Sir Patrick Valance said that we will be with you for the rest of our lives. The co-existence of the new coronavirus.”

“If there is a vaccine destruction variant that threatens the lives of another 100,000 people, these measures will not be irreversible, and we have a responsibility to treat people completely honestly about the bumps in the road ahead. So, I can urge the Minister of Health to speak to us. Be cautious, just like he is right about NHS bed capacity.”

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