An emotional Caspar Schmeichel told Christian Eriksson’s upset wife Sabrina that “he was breathing” when she rushed onto the court

Caspar Schmeichel assured Christian Eriksson’s wife that her husband is still alive because he supported her on the side of the court.

On Saturday, during the Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland, Sabrina Kvist Jensen ran to the sideline.


Kasper Schmeichel supports Sabrina Kvist Jensen on the sidelineCredit: Agence France-Presse

He suffered a cardiac arrest and is receiving medical treatment. They underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation and used a defibrillator to help the Inter Milan star resuscitate.

But when her husband was lying on the floor, Sabrina was comforted by goalkeeper Schmeichel.

The Leicester City hero and captain Simon Kjaer went straight to the tearful partner and told her he was breathing.

Schmeichel’s father Peter told BBC Radio 5 Live: “That would be the worst two hours of my football career. We have absolutely no information, but we can see that the situation is very, very serious.

“Look at the reactions of the players. This happened not far from all the wives of the players. Of course, Christian’s wife will see this.

“She came to the court, you can tell from the player’s reaction; I saw my son Casper running next to her, I talked to him last night.

“He said Christian was breathing. She actually thought he had passed away, just to confirm (he was breathing) that he went back and was absolutely sure that he didn’t say anything abnormal.

“At the time, Christian was talking to the doctor and we could see that there was a bit of calm there, but before it was confirmed, seeing all of this and understanding why a healthy 29-year-old player was really at a bad level in this matter and how it was How it happened.

“There is a son there, and you will associate this with yourself soon.”

Peter Schmeichel said that the Danish game should not continue after Christian Eriksson fell on the court

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