US President Joe Biden meets Queen Elizabeth II after the first G7 summit

When U.S. President Joe Biden Prepare for his first audience with Elizabeth II As a young senator, his mother—an Irish-American named Finnegan at birth— There is a suggestion.

According to Biden’s memoir published a few years ago, she said to him in 1982: “Don’t bow to her.”

on Sunday, Biden saw the queen again. He did not bow.

Later, he described her as a “very amiable” woman, reminding him of his mother who advised him 40 years ago.

“We had a great conversation,” he said.

Biden and his wife took a dark Range Rover to the inner quadrangle of Windsor Castle and appeared wearing a pair of iconic aviator sunglasses. He stood and had a brief conversation with the 95-year-old monarch.

Biden took off his glasses after listening to the “Stars and Stripes” and observed a group of grenadier guards in red suits and bearskin caps. Biden and the queen then walked into the castle for a private meeting. They can be heard in a relaxed conversation.

Biden now The 12th incumbent president meets with the Queen During her reign, joined the legacy of American leaders’ salute to global icons and living history.

He with First Lady Jill Biden Met her at her home in Windsor Castle outside London. This is her first one-on-one contact with world leaders since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This is her first public appearance since her husband, Prince Philip, died earlier this year at the age of 99.

The meeting was held after Biden’s first G7 summit held on the southwest coast of England, which ended on Sunday afternoon. Biden’s first international visit was aimed at reviving the alliance between the United States and the world’s richest democracies. After meeting with the Queen, he will go to Brussels, where he will meet with more American allies at NATO headquarters and the European Union for two days, and then go to Geneva to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden said at a press conference after the G7 meeting and before the meeting with the Queen: “We have just concluded an extraordinary, collaborative and productive meeting at G7.” “Everyone here understands and understands what we face. The severity of the challenge and the responsibility of our proud democracies to stand up and contribute to the rest of the world.”

The first time he met with the monarch this week was on Friday night, when she and world leaders attended a reception held in a biosphere in Cornwall. After posing for a photo, she patted the staged friendship.

“Should you seem to be enjoying yourself?” she said.

She was later photographed having a friendly conversation with Biden and his wife outside the futuristic dome, with her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla holding drinks in the background.

The occasion on Sunday was more personal, with only Biden and his wife meeting the queen at her home.

The President said that the Queen would like to know the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping that Biden will meet on Wednesday.

Biden said in a speech at Heathrow Airport before leaving the UK that he hoped he could talk to the Queen for a longer period of time.

“She is very generous,” Biden said. He said he didn’t think she would be insulted if he said she “reminds me of my mother’s looks and generosity.”

When asked if she was invited to the White House, Biden said he had invited her.

For Biden, this moment placed him on a long list of seniors who also came to visit one of the most famous women in the world. As a history student who has read biographies of previous presidents, this moment provides a vivid connection to his current position.

The Queen also helped Biden to work harder to inject a sense of wartime urgency into this week’s G7 and NATO summits., Including through the renewal of the Atlantic Charter It was signed by American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Second World War. The queen served as an army mechanic in the war.

The president of the United States often finds himself fascinated by the queen after seeing the queen.

When President Obama visited London in 2016, he said: “The queen has always been a source of inspiration for me, just like many people around the world.” At that time, Prince Philip drove a Range Rover from Marine One to Windsor. castle. “She really is one of my favorite people.”

Former President Donald Trump also has special feelings for Queen Elizabeth II. He watched his mother-born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland-watch her coronation on television.

Unlike Trump or Obama, Biden is not a pro-British faction. He is a proud Irish-American who has (sometimes jokingly) mentioned the long-term British rule over his ancestral islands. This week, he confronted Prime Minister Boris Johnson on issues related to Northern Ireland, worrying that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union would endanger the hard-won peace there.

After arriving in England on Wednesday, the first thing he did was to quote the most famous Irish poet of the 20th century, William Butler Yeats, who wrote a poem about the Easter 1916 rebellion against British rule uprising. He also cited the United States Declaration of Independence.

Leaving aside his loyalty to Ireland, Biden is unlikely to express his dissatisfaction when sitting down with the British monarch on Sunday afternoon.

“Joe and I are looking forward to meeting the queen. This is an exciting part of the visit for us,” Jill Biden told reporters this week. “We have been looking forward to it for several weeks, and now it’s finally here. This is a good start.”

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