The number of passengers boarding the sky hit a record high

San Diego-According to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the number of passengers passing through U.S. airports this Friday hit a record high.

The increase in numbers seems to be a positive shift in the tourism industry. Some passengers passing through the San Diego International Airport on Saturday said it once again looked like a lunatic asylum.

“It seemed to return to normal, and then some more. It seemed that people were suppressed,” said passenger Sarah Bell. “They saved some money. They are ready to rock.”

TSA said that more than 2 million passengers passed through airport security checkpoints on Friday, the first time since March 2020.

Passenger Amanda Katona said: “There are many people who want to see their family, and many people want to leave home and take a break.”

Airport officials said more than 30,000 passengers passed through the TSA checkpoint in San Diego on Friday. This is 282% higher than the same period last year, but still 34% lower than 2019.

“The plane is full,” said passenger Jackson Muecke. “The last few flights I took were full. Fully.”

Some passengers said that after being vaccinated, they feel more comfortable on the plane.

Muecke said: “We are returning to normal, which is very exciting. I think more and more people are getting vaccinated and enjoying hugging their friends and relatives because they are vaccinated. I just hope everyone gets vaccinated. “

Mook said he was already planning his next vacation.

“My wife and I are going to Australia in November, so we are flying from Los Angeles to Australia and staying on the cruise ship for 11 days, so we can’t wait,” he said.

The airport would like to remind passengers that the federal government requires them to continue to wear masks before September.

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