The Knesset approves a new coalition government, ending Netanyahu’s 12-year rule

The Knesset approved a new coalition government, ending the 12-year historic rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Naftali Bennett was a former ally of Netanyahu and later became a rival. He became prime minister and led a diverse and fragile coalition consisting of eight consciousnesses. The composition of political parties with very different forms. Netanyahu remains the leader of the Likud group and will serve as the leader of the opposition party.

Netanyahu sat silently during the voting. After getting approval, he got up and left the conference hall, then turned around and shook hands with Bennett. Putting on a black medical mask, looking frustrated, then sat down on the chair of the leader of the opposition party.

The vote on Sunday passed by a 60-59 margin, ending the two-year political paralysis cycle in which the country held four elections.

A few minutes later, Bennett was sworn in, followed by members of the new cabinet.

At the Knesset meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday, the new prime minister Naftali Bennett delivered a speech. (Ariel Schalit/Associated Press)

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