The heroes of the Sterling Three Lions as Southgate’s team end the first Euro game ominously

England coach Southgate has spoken!

“It’s great to give our fans and our country a truly enjoyable afternoon. The players handled this important occasion well. From the beginning, with incredible heat, they played well and in the early stages of the game settle down.

“Sometimes the tempo has dropped due to the high temperature, but we are under control for most of the games. We haven’t given Croatia too many opportunities. We look dangerous.

“Calvin Phillips is such a low-key player. He has a wonderful start to his international career. I think he was excellent throughout the game-like all of them-I feel for Raheem happy.

“He was dangerous throughout the game. His scoring record shows that we should have confidence in him. I think he has the motivation to show this.

“We will need all these offensive players to play. We can make changes and we will need to do this.

“The key is to put pressure on the Croatian midfielders and we managed to do this. This limits some supplies, and the defender can handle the longer balls well and read the game well.

“On that day, everyone on the court performed very well. This is the arrangement of the entire team.”

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