The family remembers the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Shelby Button is “one of the best”

The family of Shelby Patton, the Royal Mounted Police of Saskatchewan, said they were shocked by the death of a young man who loved work and the community.

Patton works in the Indian Head Detachment, yes Killed on saturday morning In Wolseley, Sask, officials said he was knocked down by a stolen truck in Manitoba. Police said two suspects, a man and a woman, fled the scene and were later arrested.

His grandmother Linda Patton (Linda Patton) said in an interview with CBC in Choiceland, Saskatchewan on Sunday, that her entire family was deeply affected by the death of the 26-year-old. She said he was “one of the best”.

“It’s also difficult, because he is a very thoughtful person.”

Linda Patton explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she has not seen her grandson for several months, but she said that she has been learning from his parents about the latest situation of his work and career.

She said that the family was completely broken because of the loss, because Patton is a person who always puts others first. “He’s that kind of person, and I told him so well,” she said of Barton from Yorkton, Sask.

Linda Patton said her grandson loved her job with enthusiasm and recalled his smile when he became an RCMP after graduation. She explained that her grandson would do anything for his community and the people around him, hoping to help him become a suitable candidate for the RCMP.

“He won’t hurt anyone, he’s that kind of person, and he will do anything for you,” she said.

“For me, he is the best. The best person you can deal with.”

He just likes it, he likes where he works.-Linda Button, grandmother of the RCMP.Shelby Button

Linda Patton said that although she has been thinking about what might happen to her grandson while on duty, she said that her family “never thought it would happen.”

She said the RCMP is flying Patton’s parents from Stettler in Alta Province to Regina because they are dealing with the loss.

On Saturday, Saskatchewan Royal Mounted Police Commander and Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore paid tribute to Button. (Richard Agkutai/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

The RCMP informed the media of the incident on Saturday night, saying it was an “extremely tragic moment” for the RCMP and Patton’s family.

Rhonda Blackmore, Commander and Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP of Saskatchewan, said: “Const. Patton’s family is also part of the RCMP family. They lost Husband, son and brother.”

Information from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police indicates that Patton had served in the Indian Head Detachment of the Royal Mounted Police for more than six years before his death.

Blackmore said: “This tragedy has shaken the core of our entire RCMP family, from coast to coast.” “Although we wear police uniforms, we are ordinary people and go to work every day, just like everyone else. .

“Today, Const. Patton will not go home because of his work to protect the public.”

2 suspects were detained, RCMP promised to provide more updates

About two hours after Patton was killed, two people were arrested, a man and a woman, and were detained by the police. The RCMP said that more updates will be provided in the coming days.

Officials of the National Police Force also took time to thank a civilian who tried to provide medical assistance to the police officer before the emergency responders arrived. Patton’s grandmother said the family also expressed gratitude to those who tried to save his life.

“I can’t thank them enough,” she said.

At present, with the assistance of multiple RCMP units across the province, the Northern Canadian Mounted Police Major Crime Squad is handling the case.

After Patton’s death, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police continued to investigate in Wolseley, Sask. (Brian Enas/CBC)

The mayor of Wolseley, where the incident occurred, said that the entire community was affected by the loss. Gerald Hill said the town was in a state of “complete shock and disbelief” because of the large number of police officers in the town after his death.

“This kind of thing doesn’t happen here,” Hill said.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is now flying at half-mast and said they will release more information about how the public expresses condolences to Patton’s family, friends and colleagues.

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