Single girl co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe (Kaitlyn Bristowe) hit back at the troll’s “hate” tweet saying she “looks like a man”

KAITLYN Bristowe hit back at an internet troll who claimed she “looks like a man.”

Bachelor girl The star had previously talked publicly about her plastic surgery and admitted to using Botox and fillers.


Caitlin fights back against internet trollsCredit: Social Media-Reference Source
She is currently co-hosting Season 17 of


She is currently co-hosting Season 17 of “The Bachelor Girl”Credit: Getty Images-Getty

Caitlin, 35, taken Twitter Applause to a fan who criticized her appearance on Sunday.

After the troll wrote: “@kaitlynbristowe looks like a man,” she shot back: “Of all the annoying tweets I received, this is the most interesting.”

Despite facing hatred online, the reality TV star has always been fair Disclose her plastic surgery experience.

Caitlin admitted to feeling “stressed” in the spotlight and admitted to indulging in procedures such as Botox and fillers to improve her appearance.


Credit: Twitter


Credit: Twitter

Although the TV personality previously denied any rumors of invasive plastic surgery, she recently explained her past work on social media.

“I’m in the plastic surgeon’s office, so I used the blue photo background.

“Everyone seems to think that I am always under the scalpel, but until now I haven’t.

“Finally. I can share with everyone. I am repairing my earlobes. Wearing too many heavy earrings over the years really pulls the holes out, so we have to cut it out and sew it back so I can rock it, She admitted.

Caitlin denied any serious plastic surgery


Caitlin denied any serious plastic surgeryCredit: Getty
She recently got her


She recently got her “earlobe fixation”Credit: Social Media-Reference Source

“This process takes 15 minutes. Haha. K loves you, goodbye!!!”

In February 2021, Caitlin talked about her experience of using Botox and fillers, which she described as “expensive”.

“Hey, Caitlin, are your lips real? Yes. It’s expensive!

“Just like dyeing hair, using interesting cosmetics, false eyelashes, skin care, I also like some fillers and Botox,” she revealed.

Caitlin has used lip filler injections


Caitlin has used lip filler injectionsImage source: tayshia/Instagram
She advises fans to use their bodies to do what they want


She advises fans to use their bodies to do what they wantCredit: Instagram

“I know I have’influence’. I’m not saying you should do it.

“I mean use your body to do what you want. If you want to do this, go to because in my opinion, they are the best in the industry,” the TV star shared.

“If you have any comments or questions, I am open to this Convo! @Elizabeth Smith.”

Caitlin is engaged Jason Tatic, He participated in the 14th season of “Single Girl”.

Caitlin is currently engaged to Jason, and the couple have settled in Nashville


Caitlin is currently engaged to Jason, and the couple have settled in NashvilleImage source: Instagram/@kaitlynbristowe
Jason Proposal in May


Jason Proposal in MayCredit: Social Media-Reference Source

The couple started dating in 2019 and now live in Nashville, Tennessee.

The two also own two golden retrievers named Ramen and Pino, and Jason proposes on May 11, 2021.

In the previous conversation Eh! Regarding a potential proposal, she shared: “[Jason] Knowing that I don’t want to make my second suggestion on TV. I have already done this. “

Caitlin and Tehia Adams Become the co-host of the 17th season of Single Girls after taking over Chris Harrison Retreat due to the term “racism”.

Fans think these two ladies are “fun and refreshing” because they bring new energy to this long-running dating show.

Single girls Caitlin Bristol and Jason Tatik got engaged after a “fierce surprise proposal”, which made the star “eclipse”

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