Mama June update-Mama June asks the dentist to pay $35,000 to “fix her teeth” after avoiding jail

If GENO is locked up, MAMA JUNE has “nowhere to go”

If her boyfriend Geno Doak is sentenced to prison, Mama June’s daughter Lauryn Shannon will not allow her mother to live in her house.

The WeTV star complained that she would “Nowhere to go“If Gino is Detained for drug offences And begged her 21-year-old child to come to rescue.

“Now I am sober, I need my family,” June said.

However, Laurin was furious and fought back: “No, mother, no! You drove all the way from Florida and threw your bull on me again.

“Every time something goes wrong, you dump it to me. This is my house. I moved from your house into my house to start a family.”

“Well, if Geno goes to jail, I have nowhere to go,” June yelled back.

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