I suspect that my husband is also having an affair with my bisexual lover

Dear Diddle: I am sure that my husband is having sex with my friend-but I cannot accuse him of cheating because I am sleeping with her myself.

We have known this mutual friend since college days. I am 29 years old and my husband is 31 years old. We have been together for six years. When it comes to our relationship, we have always been very adventurous.


We did a threesome together a few times and it was always fun until it became awkward

I slept with our friends a few times, usually after we had a drink. She is 30 years old. My husband is very good about it because we were in a public relationship at the time.

We have a few threesomes, which is always fun until it becomes awkward-mainly because I am jealous of seeing them together.

We stopped all this after we got married, but we are still friends.

My husband works in the hospital and has been late for work lately, so I spend a lot of time with my friends. One day after dinner, while I was washing, she walked behind me and started touching me.

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This is so emotional. I was really excited and responded enthusiastically. It’s so easy to go back to our old way, we know each other’s bodies very well.

We had sex right by the sink-I was covered in soapy water. I love my husband, but I need more.

Then one night, I visited my parents back home and found him and this friend on the sofa.

They said they had been watching cars online, but both of them were panting and his shirts were unbuttoned.

They looked embarrassed and could barely make eye contact with me. I am now worried that our friend, my secret lover, might also sleep with my husband.

I believe my husband does not know about our extramarital affairs. I am sad, they may betray my trust, but I cannot blame him because I am doing the same thing.

Dedley said: You know that it is hypocritical to complain about your husband having sex with your friend while you are doing the same thing.

When you both have a relationship with her, you will never make your relationship effective.

Most of us have at least some bisexual feelings, but your relationship with your husband has been six years.

Having sex with your friends is exciting and secretive. But like any lover, this does not necessarily translate into a lasting relationship.

Stop meeting with your friends and try to restore the relationship with your husband. My support package for bisexual issues? Will help you.

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