Federal legalization: the new MORE Act

The second quarter is the same as the first quarter, the voice is much louder and wakes up a lot.

The House of Representatives passed the first version of the MORE bill at the end of 2020. The bill died quickly in the Republican-controlled Senate. The blog tracks the evolution of the original version of the bill:

house Reintroduced The second version of the bill was issued on May 28, 2021. This version is the same as the first version, but with some incremental upgrades. Most notably, the drafters of the bill Removed language This prohibits federal approval of applicants for marijuana felony convictions.This language It proved to be controversial when passing more bills in 2020. The refusal to provide federal permits to those directly affected by the ban seems to run counter to the stated intent of the bill. Provide reinvestment for certain people adversely affected by the drug war. “The removal of this language indicates that Congress’s goal this time is a more progressive vision of legalization.

It is worth noting that the “More Acts of 2021” has received strong support from Amazon.the company Provide formal support Not only for the new MORE Act, but also for the legalization of marijuana. Amazon representatives even promised to change its drug testing policy for some employees to allow the use of marijuana. Amazon’s support for the MORE Act speaks for itself and shows that the company may see the profit potential of federal legalization. More importantly, the size and ubiquity of companies may force other companies, Congress, and the president to expand support for federal legalization.

Therefore, you may want to know whether this new bill is promising.United NationsFortunately, even with the support of the Democratic Party in both houses, the President of the Democratic Party and Amazon, the short answer is still no, not true.

The bill requires 60 votes to pass in the Senate. This is the vote of every Democrat and ten Republicans. The progressive language of the new bill is an important step towards addressing the dangers of the drug war. But progressivism may not attract the reluctant centrist Democrats and the ten Republicans needed to pass the bill in the Senate. For the time being, conservative legalization bills are more likely to be passed, such as the Common Sense Cannabis Reform Bill for veterans, small businesses, and medical professionals (an unfortunate name that is far less important than MORE).

Unless there is some political miracle (such as the end Obstruction), more bills will most likely not appear on President Biden’s desk. We will contact you in time.

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