Bolivian girl Gracce Kelly Flores who dreams of boxing glory | Latin American News

12-year-old Gracce Kelly Flores woke up early in her adobe house most of the time, then set off along a dusty path through the thinness above Bolivia’s Palca Mountain air.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has stopped all competitions, her plan to become a professional boxer has stalled.

Due to the surge in COVID cases, the school is closed, but she is still training, usually three hours a day.

Flores adopted the nickname “Hand of Stone” because she said “I like to hit hard.”

She said that she had never lost any two-minute games that restricted children from participating.

“I have been training, so I will not forget the skills of the next game, I hope [pandemic restrictions] Was relieved,” she said.

Flores has been trained by her father Alberto Flores for the past six years.

The 54-year-old former amateur boxer combines the bunny with the family’s blue kitchen, dining room and bedroom into one. After completing training and online homework, she will help take care of the rabbit.

“My dream is to enter the major leagues and be 18 years old so that I can fight my favorite Bolivian boxer, Jennifer Salinas,” she said, despite being called the “Queen of Bolivia.” The former super bantamweight champion of the world may have passed the fighting age.

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