Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib suspended after referee broke out | Cricket News

The former captain with a history of disciplinary violations was fined $5,900 and suspended for three games.

Shakib Hassan, a Bangladeshi all-rounder, was suspended for three games and fined for “showing aggressive behavior to referees” in a domestic competition.

On Friday, in a match between Abahani Co., Ltd. and Mohammed Sports Club in Dhaka, after the referee rejected the appeal, the world’s number one single-day international all-around player Shakib kicked out his leg.

Later, after the referee suspended the game due to rain, he pulled out all three tree stumps and threw them aside.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) found that Muhammad’s Shakib was guilty of two misconduct charges and suspended him for three matches in the upcoming Bangaban Dudaka Premier League T20 Cricket League.

He was also fined 500,000 taka (5,900 US dollars).

BCB said in a statement on Saturday: “Shakib was convicted of violations of the spirit of the game after showing offensive behavior to the referee.”

BCB added that the 34-year-old player also made the game notorious by using offensive language and reckless behavior towards referees.

Shakib wrote on Facebook that he was “very sorry for losing his temper.”

“A player with experience like me shouldn’t have that reaction, but unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen.”

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