After the Group of Seven, Biden said he was rebuilding the credibility of the United States-Twin Cities


Newquay, England (Associated Press)-President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the United States has regained its presence on the world stage because he used his first overseas trip since taking office with new arrivals from some of the most powerful countries in the world. A generation of leaders forge ties and unite allies more closely in response to the coronavirus pandemic and China’s trade and labor practices.

Biden concluded three days of what he called a “very collaborative and productive meeting” at the G7 summit of wealthy democracies. He said he had “real enthusiasm” for his participation.

Biden said at a press conference before leaving Cornwall to visit Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle: “The United States is again leading the world with the country with which we have the deepest values.” “I think we are rebuilding the United States. Progress has been made in terms of credibility among the closest friends.”

The President is conducting an eight-day trip to three countries. He announced his commitment to share 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccine with the world and urged allies to do the same, thus leaving his mark on the G7. On Sunday, leaders of various countries confirmed that they intend to donate more than 1 billion doses of vaccine to low-income countries next year.

When talking about the global vaccination campaign, Biden said: “This will be an ongoing project for a long time,” and added that he hopes the world can eliminate the epidemic in 2022 or 2023. “This is not just the right approach,” said Biden, which is a moral standpoint, but it is also the right approach “in terms of our own health.”

He also said that in the next few years, the United States may be able to donate an additional 1 billion doses of vaccine to the world.

Biden is also trying to get leaders to include specific language criticizing China’s use of forced labor and other human rights violations in a joint statement because he strives to see competition with Beijing as the decisive competition in the 21st century. The president refused to discuss private negotiations on the clause, but said he was “satisfied” with the hard-line remarks, even though there were still disagreements among allies on how to call Beijing hard.

The leaders also accepted Biden’s call for the world’s lowest corporate tax rate of 15%.

The other G7 allies played a role in creating the impression that Biden is a member of the “club” and tried to help strengthen Biden’s “America Is Back” slogan, including adopting his campaign slogan “Rebuild Better.” Pandemic.

Most European allies are disappointed by President Donald Trump’s complaints about “global greed” and his support for the “America First” policy. Therefore, Biden’s challenge is to convince skeptical audiences that the previous US administration was not one. A harbinger of more isolated countries.

“We are all on the same page,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said of Biden.

Biden secretly criticized his predecessor. He said that other countries should pay for the US military presence overseas. Biden said he did not think NATO was “protecting the racket.” Biden also reported that global leaders are gratified that the President of the United States has accepted the science of climate change.

Biden said: “When I was there, one of the things some of my colleagues said to me was,’Well, the American leadership recognizes global warming.”

The president will conclude his meetings with NATO and EU leaders in Brussels on Monday and Tuesday, and then hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. US officials said that even if Biden is prepared to reprimand Putin for a series of human rights violations and election interference, the one-on-one meeting will test whether the two can develop a constructive relationship.

At the press conference, when asked why Putin has not changed his behavior after waves of US sanctions, Biden answered with a smile. “He is Vladimir Putin.”

The summit marked Biden’s first face-to-face meetings with global leaders since taking office during the COVID-19 pandemic in January, including his first meeting with Emmanuel Macron of France.

The 43-year-old Macron took office in May 2017, a few months after Biden’s two terms as Vice President of the United States ended, he seemed to have a rapid chemical reaction with the 78-year-old American. At the beginning of the summit on Friday, after the leaders took a group photo, the two walked together, hugging each other and chatting happily.

In his speech to reporters, Macron did not say Trump’s name, but clearly shot the former president. Macron said that he is pleased with Biden that he is now working with a US president who is “willing to cooperate.”

Macron said of Biden: “What you show is that leadership is partnership.”

During Trump’s tenure, Macron tried to find common ground, but he was often angry at Trump’s nativist remarks.

Macron has been committed to portraying France as a more prominent power in recent years, and he has also used the rise of Trumpism to justify Europe’s greater global leadership.

He complained in November 2019 that the lack of leadership in the United States is causing NATO to “brain death”, and in an interview with The Economist, he insisted that the EU must stand up and start acting as a world strategic power. In his speech, Biden seemed to acknowledge Macron’s concerns and pointed out that Western Europe is providing “pillars and support” for NATO.

Biden’s administration officials said that Biden hopes to issue a communiqué at the end of the summit on Sunday, which includes remarks condemning China’s forced labor of Muslims and ethnic minorities in western China.

But as the talks continued on Saturday, the leaders stated that differences still exist. A government official who observed part of the talks and briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity said that leaders generally agreed that there is a need to strengthen coordination on China. The official said that it is obvious that “there is a wide range of how far different countries are willing to go.”

The official said that Canada, the United Kingdom, and France largely support the Biden administration’s position, while Germany, Italy, and Europe have shown hesitation. A White House official said that Biden hopes that the G7 will express opinions on China’s human rights violations.

“We need to be able to deal with China with a strong stand and a united stand in all these areas.” US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken said on the “Face the Nation” program of CBS News on Sunday. “I think what the president can do in the past few days is to make countries more united in responding to some of the challenges that China poses.”

During the summit, Biden also met with Italian Prime Minister Draghi, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and South African President Ramaphosa.

At the press conference, Biden briefly confused Syria and Libya when describing the importance of providing humanitarian assistance to countries torn apart by the civil war. This is one of the few verbal mistakes committed by the president.

Biden then went to Windsor Castle for a private meeting with the Queen-becoming the 13th president to meet with the 95-year-old monarch. Biden greeted the Queen from a podium in the castle courtyard and reviewed a assembled guard of honor before he and First Lady Jill Biden had tea with her.


Madhani reported from Brussels and Miller from Washington.

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